Revolutionize your pDNA Purification Workflow

Dr. Zhonghua Zhu, the Head of Vector Development and Cell Engineering at TScan Therapeutics, a leading biotechnology company specializing in developing transformative T-cell therapies, recently sat down with Rouba Najjar, the Associate Director of Marketing at GenScript's Products Division, to discuss his extensive experience in vector development and cell engineering, as well as his workflow and major challenges in plasmid purification.

In this interview, Dr. Zhu shares insights into his search for an efficient and high-throughput solution, and how the AmMag™ Quatro system has transformed his organization's workflow and results.

Let's dive into Dr. Zhu's testimonial and learn more about his experience with the AmMag Quatro.

Dr. Zhu's testimonial

Left to right: Robert Bi, Ph.D., Head of Commercial Team at GenScript's Products Division, Zhonghua Zhu, Ph.D., the Head of Vector Development and Cell Engineering at TScan Therapeutics, and Rouba Najjar, M.B.A., Associate Director of Marketing at GenScript's Products Division.

Rouba Najjar     Najjar: "Tell us about your workflow and major challenges."

Dr. Zhonghua Zhu

Zhu: "Before we started using the AmMag™ Quatro, we relied on traditional column-based kits for large-scale plasmid purification, which involved manual labor and was time-consuming. We needed to allocate two personnel and spend significant hours on the purification process. Despite following the purification kit protocols, we still had concerns about endotoxin levels and DNA quality for mammalian cell transfection."

Rouba Najjar     Najjar: "What attracted you to the AmMag™ Quatro?"

Dr. Zhonghua Zhu

Zhu: "We had been searching for a better solution for years and compared various options, but none met our requirements until we found the AmMag™ Quatro. What convinced us was its ability to provide simultaneous operation of up to 4 independent purification modules, with each module processing up to 6 samples in one run. The system leverages magnetic bead technology and related reagents, allowing us to automate the entire maxi-scale purification process with increased efficiency and higher throughput."

AmMag™ Quatro

Rouba Najjar     Najjar: "How did the AmMag™ Quatro change your day-to-day workflow?"

Dr. Zhonghua Zhu

Zhu: "Since we started using the AmMag™ Quatro, our workflow has been transformed. We no longer need dedicated personnel for manual work, and we can customize the parameters for DNA prep to optimize our results. The system's throughput of six channels at the same time has saved us significant time compared to other solutions, and the option for water elution has been crucial for successful transfections. The service and support from the team have been exceptional, with a real and practical demo that helped us understand the product better that provided us with confidence to make the purchasing decision.

We have achieved outstanding results with the AmMag™ Quatro. The system has exceeded our expectations in terms of time and cost savings, and it has become the standard for our organization's plasmid purification needs. This is truly a modern and efficient solution that has transformed our workflow and we highly recommend it to anyone considering it for their business."

AmMag™ Quatro System

Rouba Najjar     Najjar: "Do you have any additional comments to scientists considering the AmMag Quatro solution?"

Dr. Zhonghua Zhu

Zhu: "The AmMag™ Quatro is the best product on the market, offering significant time and cost savings. We have zero complaints. We love this solution!"

Demonstration Data

More about Dr. Zhu:

Dr. Zhonghua Zhu

Dr. Zhonghua Zhu is a recognized expert in the field of gene therapy and immunotherapy, serving as the Head of Vector Development and Cell Engineering at TScan Therapeutics. With a strong background in vector development and cell engineering, Dr. Zhu brings extensive expertise to his role. He holds a PhD in Neurobiology from New York University and has a proven track record of driving innovation and achieving outstanding results in his field.


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