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Anti-idiotype Antibody Development Services

Anti-idiotype antibody is an antibody against the antigen binding site (complementarity determining region, CDR region) of another antibody. Tracking antibody drug in biological fluid, such as serum from patients receiving antibody drug, requires the differentiation of the administered antibody drug from naturally-occurring endogenous antibodies. As anti-idiotype (anti-ID) antibody is specific to the unique variable region of the antibody drug, it has become a powerful tool for antibody drug pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD) and immunogenicity studies.

GenScript has extensive experience in developing highly sensitive and highly specific anti-idiotypic antibodies to support your antibody drug development. A major challenge resides in the anti-idiotype antibody development is the very low percentage of anti-ID antibody among other naturally-occurring endogenous antibodies in antibody drug immunized animals. Therefore, the appropriate immunization, purification and hybridoma screening strategies are critical for successful anti-ID polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development. At GenScript, our scientists utilize our proprietary technologies to ensure the high specificity and affinity of anti-idiotypic antibody, including special adjuvant and immune mediators, super-sensitive hybridoma screening, and optimal clone selection processes. We have accomplished 100% success rate of anti-ID antibody development for our clients.

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Features of GenScript's Anti-ID Antibodies

Anti-idiotype Antibody Packages

Anti-idiotype monoclonal antibody
Anti-idiotype polyclonal antibody
Starting material
Target antibody drug 2-3mg
Target antibody drug 20 mg or more
Work flow
mouse/rat anti-idiotype mAb
rabbit anti-idiotype pAb
Cross-reactivity with control IgG <10%
Cross-reactivity with control IgG <10%
Hybridoma cell lines/Ab sequences, supernatants and purified anti-ID antibody (optional)
0.5-3mg purified anti-ID antibody/rabbit

See detailed anti-idiotype antibody development protocol here.

Of note, GenScript offers the development of both polyclonal and monoclonal anti-ID antibodies. Polyclonal anti-ID antibodies from goats or rabbits are suitable when a lower amount of antibodies are needed within a short time, e. g. for pre-studies. If the anti-idiotype antibodies will be used in long-term studies under validated conditions, then monoclonal anti-ID antibodies are recommended.

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