With over 21 years of Gene Synthesis and Plasmid Preparation expertise, GenScript is proud to introduce the Gene to Plasmid Package, specifically designed to accelerate antibody drug discovery research. Our service package is comprehensive, encompassing the synthesis of your antibody genes and the cloning of both heavy and light chains into a custom vector, along with plasmid preparation service.

Starting at an industry-leading speed starting from 4 business days at $159 per construct. GenScript solidifies its commitment to provide researchers with fast, affordable, and reliable services. In addition, GenScript guarantees delivering the precise quantity of plasmid ordered, giving researchers the assurance they need to efficiently plan and conduct their cell expression experiments, ensuring a seamless progression from theoretical design to practical lab work.


Gene to Cell Expression Ready Plasmid starting from 4 BD


Guarantee Plasmid Quantity from the most Reliable Supplier


Competitive Pricing Starting at
$159 per construct


Global Production Capability
USA, Singapore, China


Simply submit your variable light and heavy chain sequences and we will deliver cell expression ready plasmids in 4 business days

Simply submit your variable light and heavy chain sequences

Figure 1. The illustration shows a plasmid blueprint for creating recombinant antibodies, primarily focused on producing IgGs. This design is adaptable and may vary according to the specific requirements of the researcher. Our antibody plasmid also support the generation of various other configurations including, but not limited to, VHH/VH, Fab, SCfV, and diabody.

Service Specification

Sequence Length+ Quantity Vector * TAT ^ Price Production Site Default QC
1 - 700 bp 10 µg/30 µg/ 100 µg/200 µg /500 µg Custom Vector Starting at 4 business days Starting at $159 per construct United States, China, Singapore Sanger/ NGS Sequencing
701 – 1,500 bp
Optional add-on QC: Enzyme Digestion, Endotoxin Level, DNA Supercoil

+ Simple genes only
* Vector evaluation and archiving is necessary before project initiation; high copy vectors only
^ Actual price may vary based on region and territory. For more information contact your regional sales representative

Antibody Plasmid Construct Design

Creating a recombinant antibody involves a detailed procedure, essential for its successful expression. After selecting and refining the antibody's sequence, scientists need to pick a suitable expression vector backbone. They must carefully consider vital elements to incorporate in the vector, such as a promoter, signal peptide, and linker peptides, in addition to other components. Here we present some consideration when designing your vector backbone.

  • VH and VL Sequences

  • Promoter

  • Signal Peptide

  • Linker Peptide

  • Purification Tags

VH (variable heavy) and VL (variable light)

Function: Determine the unique antigen-binding capabilities of recombinant antibodies, governing both specificity to antigens and binding affinity.

Considerations: It's crucial to optimize the VH and VL sequences for the chosen host cell, ensure their compatibility for assembly, and select a vector that supports robust expression.

How to Order

1Contact your local sales representative or reach out below
2Vector Evaluation and Onboarding
3Your vector will be evaluated in 24hrs
4Submit your order by providing your Antibody Gene Sequence
5Get your Antibody Plasmid starting at 4 business days


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