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Goat Anti-Rat IgG F(c),pAb

Description Goat Anti-Rat IgG F(c) antibody Unconjugated, pAb.
Host Species Goat
Antigen Species Rat
Conjugation Unconjugated
Immunogen Rat IgG F(c) fragment

Subclass IgG
Concentration Liquid (sterile filtered) , 0.02 M Potassium Phosphate, 0.15 M Sodium Chloride, pH 7.2
Specificity This product was prepared from monospecific antiserum by immunoaffinity chromatography using Rat IgG coupled to agarose.   Assay by immunoelectrophoresis resulted in a single precipitin arc against anti-Goat Serum, Rat IgG, Rat IgG F(c) and Rat Serum.  No reaction was observed against Rat IgG F(ab).
Storage Store vial at 4° C prior to opening. This product is stable for several weeks at 4° C as an undiluted liquid. Dilute only prior to immediate use. For extended storage aliquot contents and freeze at -20° C or below. Avoid cycles of freezing and thawing.

ELISA: 1:20,000 - 1:100,000
Immunohistochemistry: 1:1,000 - 1:5,000
Western Blot: 1:2,000 - 1:10,000
Other Dilution: User Optimized

  • Goat Anti-Rat IgG F(c),pAb
  • Goat Anti-Rat IgG F(c),pAb

    Western blot of Goat Anti-Rat IgG F(c) secondary antibody.Lane 1: Rat Fc.Lane 2: None.Load: 50 ng per lane.Primary antibody: Rat IgG F(c) antibody at 1:1,000 for overnight at 4̊C.Secondary antibody: Peroxidase goat secondary antibody at 1:40,000 for 30 min at RT.Blocking: Blocking Buffer for Fluorescent Western Blotting for 30 min at RT.Predicted/Observed size: 28 kDa, 28 kDa for Rat IgG F(c).Other band(s): None.

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Cat. No. A10207
2 mg $114.00