Attention to Details and Win-Win Mindset Brought a Deal — An Interview with Silvia Celia Garcia, Sales Manager from European Division

This is a story related to Fastbase, a new customer of GenScript. Silvia Celia Garcia is a sales manager from European Division. Her colleagues are impressed by her attention to details and her ability to turn a small lead into a business opportunity.

Silvia and her colleagues

When expanding the customer base, Silvia saw FastBase focused on antibody-based solutions for IVD and thought that GenScript may be a great help for them. So she made a cold call to FastBase, without knowing what was going to happen. Through the phone call, she found that FastBase did not know GenScript and was using smaller antibodies (Fabs) for their application, which was very sensitive depending on the size of Ab and interaction with the rest of molecules in their kit. Silvia and the customer discussed the possibility of using VHH. With confidence, she presented GenScript's product and its benefits, and talked about how that could be a great tool to solve their problems.

Surprisingly, Silvia had a pleasant and enthusiastic conversation with the senior scientist at FastBase, which was a good beginning for future cooperation. "When cold calling, you never know how the prospect is going to react, and in this case the conversation flowed very well," said Silvia.

This process involved interwoven details. The success was attributed to deep insight into customer needs, familiarity with the Company's capabilities, and the ability to seize the opportunity. "In the moment, VHH was something they never tried but were considering for their product. I just arrived in the right moment," said Silvia with modesty.

Silvia shared her takeaway on how to get familiar with BUs operations. Every salesperson at GenScript knew very well both RSBU and BDBU. "I started working at GenScript in July 2021, and my first months consisted in studying both RSBU and BDBU services to be able to qualify good leads and detect good matches."

In fact, the lead took Silvia a lot of time and efforts in moving forward as it was just an idea at the beginning. "Every two months I was calling the prospect to check on them, as they started to have a better idea of what they needed." By doing so, she found that the customer was interested in ProBio's services, and they discussed how ProBio's services could adapt to the customer's needs. Once the customer showed their intent to cooperate and wanted to share their information to get a quotation, Silvia signed an NDA with them and organized a TC involving the ProBio team. Finally, the deal was closed.

Silvia in life

As we all know, there are always unforeseeable challenges during project implementation. Silvia thinks that the key to customer satisfaction is to spend time talking to customers, which can help build customer trust and identify their pain points and needs. When the lead was sufficiently hot, Silvia passed it and delegated subsequent sales activities to ProBio's teams. Smooth collaboration is essential in this process. Passing a lead to ProBio can lead to a "cool-down" effect since the sales/technical team is completely new for the customer. As part of GenScript's culture, win-win cooperation underpins inter-functional collaboration and ensures seamless customer experience.

"Win-win Cooperation" and "Customer First" are embedded in our day-to-day work, creating a culture of teamwork. This encourages us to communicate and, more importantly, fulfill the values. For Silvia, it is crucial to understand what the customer needs for their project goals. Without understanding that and the issues that may be facing, it would be hard to offer the best service.

"In this case, once it I had a clear idea of what they needed, I could check with them the characteristics of BDBU services and how could we be of use. It was key to spend quite some time with the customer before passing the lead to the next team, once the lead was ready to receive a quotation, so the process was smooth on both sides. An opportunity was passed to ProBio, which was now easier to close as compared to a cold lead: a win-win," said Silvia.

Just as Silvia said, every cooperation is a new endeavor and a new opportunity. With an open mindset and teamwork, we will unleash more possibilities. With joint efforts, GenScript will see more success stories in the path ahead.

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