PCR Cloning Kit

CloneEZ® PCR Cloning Kit

GenScript's proprietary CloneEZ® Seamless cloning technology is a cutting-edge, recombination-based cloning technology that can accurately and efficiently assemble genes and gene fragments in any combination of sequences. The CloneEZ® PCR Cloning Kit is designed for the quick cloning of PCR products without any headaches of restriction sites. The universal CloneEZ® cloning method works with any insert and any vector at any restriction site. Using our proprietary CloneEZ® enzyme, this kit rapidly generates precise, directional constructs in 30-min at a room temperature.

PCR cloning kit

Key Features

CloneEZ® PCR Cloning Kit can be used for all types of cloning that involves the joining of DNA fragments and also has a variety of applications:

  • PCR cloning of up to 10 kb
  • High-throughput (HTP) PCR cloning
  • Gene transfer from one vector to another
  • In vitro joining of DNA fragments
Components L00339
CloneEZ® Seamless Enzyme (5 U/μl) 50 μl
10X CloneEZ® Seamless Buffer 100 μl
pUC57 Linearized (EcoRI/HindIII, 30 ng/μl) 10 μl
1-kb Control Insert (100 ng/μl) 10 μl

Ordering Information

Cat. No.
Product Name
L00339 CloneEZ® PCR Cloning Kit
24 rxns


A: CloneEZ® PCR Cloning Kit can cut down PCR Cloning procedure to 30 min from traditional 3.5 hrs, with one-step procedure instead of multiple steps.

PCR Cloning Kit

  CloneEZ® Seamless Technology
Classical Cloning
  • Restriction digestion
  • Gel extraction
  • Ligation
Restriction enzymes not required
Ligase not required
Reaction Time
0.5 hr
>3.5 hr
Reagents Included
  • CloneEZ® enzyme (50 ul, 5 U/ul)
  • 10X Buffer (100 ul)
  • pUC57 Linear Vector (Kpnl/HindIII, 10 ul, 100 ng/ul)
  • 1 kb contract insert ( 10 ul, 100 ng/ul)
  • Ligase enzyme
  • 10X Buffer
High-efficiency cloning with long fragments (15-20 bp recommend) 4 kb 2 kb 1 kb
93% 95% 100%
B: Shown below is number and percentage of positive clones obtained with the CloneEZ® Kit.

  1 kb 2 kb 4 kb
Number of positive clones ~1200 ~800 221
Recombinant rate (%) 100% 95% 93%

C: Shown below is PCR screening result of positive clones obtained with the CloneEZ® Kit.
PCR cloning kit

General Questions
  • What are the differences between the CloneEZ® kit and the PCR Cloning Kit?
    A: CloneEZ® Seamless cloning technology offers high efficiency, quick and direct cloning, bypassing all the tedious procedures of traditional cloning that often involve restriction, ligation, and sometimes phosphorylation. This technology works with any DNA sequence and any vector. The only requirement is that your PCR primers have to have a sequence containing 15 or more nucleotides homologous to vector sequence.

  • The technical information in patent document is not available in the manual, why is that?
    A: Currently, the patent on CloneEZ® method is invalid, so we can't provide more details about the patent technical information to the general public, and we will not show more detailed explanation in the manual until the patent is valid.

Primer Design

Ordering Information

Cat. No.
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E00007-50000 Taq DNA Polymerase
50000 U (1000.0U/vial)
E00007-1000 Taq DNA Polymerase
1000 U (1000.0U/vial)