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OptimumGene™ - Codon Optimization

OptimumGene™ - Codon Optimization

As one of the world's leading suppliers of gene synthesis services, GenScript has a proven record of dedication to innovation in our constant efforts to integrate new and updated technology into our gene expression repertoire. GenScript's OptimumGene™ Gene Design system is a proprietary gene optimization technology that can alter both naturally occurring and recombinant gene sequences to achieve the highest possible levels of productivity in any given expression system. The OptimumGene™ algorithm takes into consideration a variety of critical factors involved in different stages of protein expression, such as codon adaptability, mRNA structure, and various cis-elements in transcription and translation.

codon optimization


Significant increase in protein expression

Fruitful results in even the most difficult sequences: GenScript's advanced algorithms optimize highly repeated sequences, extremely long sequences, and sequences with large numbers of parameters for increased protein expression.

Comprehensive usage tables for optimization in any host: GenScript boasts an extensive collection of proprietary codon usage tables, allowing you to do codon optimization in any host, any time for either basic research or industrial applications. For example we have specific codon tables for organisms, such as Pichia and Sf9, which are widely used in development procedures.

DNA vaccine design: GenScript provides effective solutions for your vaccine needs, such as screening and optimizing parameters involved in regulating vaccinal gene expression and immunogenicity.

Customized solutions: The optimization can be tailored to meet your specific needs of even the most esoteric project.

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Optimization Parameters

OptimumGene™ algorithm optimizes a variety of parameters that are critical to transcription, translation and protein folding:

Transcriptional Efficacy:
  • GC content
  • CpG dinucleotides content
  • Cryptic splicing sites
  • Negative CpG islands
  • SD sequence
  • TATA boxes
  • Terminal signal
Translation Efficiency:
  • Codon usage bias
  • GC content
  • mRNA secondary structure
  • Premature PolyA sites
  • RNA instability motif (ARE)
  • Stable free energy of mRNA
  • Internal chi sites and ribosomal binding sites
Protein Refolding:
  • Codon usage bias
  • Interaction of codon and anti-codon
  • Codon-context
  • RNA secondary structures

Selection Volume

OptimumGene™ produces over 10,000 candidate sequences during round one alone. A complex sorting matrix then selects for the best sequence for each specific customized request.

codon optimization

OptimumGene™ History of Successful Codon Optimization

GenScript has accumulated years of experience in codon optimization and gene synthesis. Our system has optimized over 50,000 gene sequences in almost all major expression systems. Many top pharmaceutical companies are our customers.

codon optimization track record

Fig. 1. We have used our algorithm to optimize over 50,000 sequences in all major expression systems


Customer Testimonial

"I think GenScript provides absolutely excellent products in a timely fashion. I have primarily used genscript to order codon optimized artificial genes. Ordering artificial genes on their website or via Email makes this especially facile because I can simply inquire about a gene, get a quote and then get a PO#. The whole process is fast and the turnaround time for obtaining the finished product is usually less than a month. I also think their technical support are wonderful people, they have been most helpful in facilitating the process. I am so impressed with them that I have recommended them to several of my colleagues."

― Dr. Maria Schumacher, The University of Texas. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center


Newest List of Publications Cited the Use of OptimumGene™ Codon Optimization


Case Study

Proven increase in protein expression through optimizing a variety of parameters

   codon optimization case study

codon optimization case study

Fig. 1. GenScript OptimumGene™ codon optimization genes increased the yield of expression (8 out of 10 genes) and the degree of solubility in some cases (6 out of 10 genes) compared to the native genes.


Reference: Burgess-Brown NA, Sharma S, Sobott F, Loenarz C, Oppermann U, Gileadi O. Codon optimization can improve expression of human genes in Escherichia coli: A multi-gene study. Protein Expr Purif. May 2008; 59(1): 94-102

Significant Increase Drug Target Proteins Expression Level in E.coli.

Figures below manifested the effectiveness of the OptimumGene™ technology in increasing drug target proteins expression levels for two different genes expressed in E.coli.


Fig. 2. GenScript's OptimumGene™ codon optimization delivered 10 times higher expression level for protein α compared to non-optimized native gene sequence. The expression level was 3 times more than that from Competitor GA's optimization method.


Fig. 3. GenScript's OptimumGene™ codon optimization delivered 20 times higher expression level for protein β compared to non-optimized native gene sequence. The expression level was 13 times more than that from Competitor GA's optimization method.

Note: GenScript will not claim any rights whatsoever over any intellectual property or technical protocols involved in OptimumGene™ codon optimization and gene synthesis services such as gene sequences or any materials submitted by the customer. GenScript will not release such information to any third party without customer consent. Sensitive information is only disclosed to the personnel responsible for the successful operation of the project on a need-to-know basis. GenScript will sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement to ensure customers' full rights over IP for the optimized and synthesized genes if needed.


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