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Polyclonal Antibody Production Service

Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production

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custom polyclonal antibody production service quotation

GenScript offers a full suite of high quality custom polyclonal antibody production services designed with your needs in mind. Since 2004, our team has produced over 12,000 high quality custom polyclonal antibodies from rabbit, mouse, and rat hosts. The PolyExpress™ protein immunization packages carry industry leading guarantees of WB and IP positive against target protein binding with 1:128,000 ELISA titer. All you need to provide is your target sequence and GenScript gets to work. Read More »

Our PolyExpress™ Premium package includes protein antigen production, the best choice for high quality antibody production. PolyExpress™ Premium or Premium Plus also guarantee delivery of antigen affinity-purified antibody 4 weeks faster than any other vendor. PolyExpress™ Basic, Silver, and Gold packages for custom polyclonal antibody production start with peptide antigen design using our proprietary OptimumAntigen™ design tool and finish with affinity purified polyclonal antibodies. PolyExpress™ peptide immunization services deliver custom rabbit polyclonal antibodies from sequence to antibody in just 45 days.

Key Features of PolyExpress™ Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

PolyExpress™ Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Packages

Protein antigen
PolyExpress™ Premium
PolyExpress™ Premium Plus
Use recombinant protein as antigen**
protein antigen polyclonal antibodies
2 affinity-purified pAb (1-6 mg each) and 200 ug protein antigen
affinity-purified pAb
1 affinity-purified pAb (≥2 mg) and 1mg protein antigen
affinity-purified pAb

Guaranteed to perform in antigen ELISA and WB applications

Guaranteed to perform in antigen ELISA, WB, and IP applications

Peptide antigen
Uses 1 peptide to make antibody

peptide antigen polyclonal antibodies
Uses 2 peptides to make antibodies

peptide antigen polyclonal antibodies
Uses 3 peptides to make antibodies

peptide antigen polyclonal antibodies
1 Ab generated against 1 epitope
peptide antigen polyclonal antibodies
2 Abs generated against 2 individual epitopes
peptide antigen polyclonal antibodiespeptide antigen polyclonal antibodies
3 Abs generated against 3 individual epitopes
peptide antigen polyclonal antibodiespeptide antigen polyclonal antibodiespeptide antigen polyclonal antibodies
Guaranteed ≥2 mg purified antibody
2 affinity-purified antibodies
(≥2 mg)
3 affinity-purified antibodies
(≥2 mg)
Application Success Rate
Application Success Rate

* Silver and Gold packages only apply to a single target protein sequence. Cannot be combined from different protein targets.
**Protein may be full length or a protein fragment ≥ 10 KD depending on which is more likely to generate a successful antibody.

Details of PolyExpress™ Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

Feature Details Basic
Premium (SC1676) Premium Plus
Immunization Antigen(s) Synthesized 1 Peptide 2 Peptides 3 Peptides 1 Protein
Rabbits Immunized 2 4
(2 per peptide)
(2 per peptide)
Deliverables Pre-immune Serum 0.5 ml
Antigen Sample 2 mg of Each Peptide Antigen 200 µg Protein 1 mg protein
Antigen Affinity
Purified pAb(s)
(2-6 mg total)
(4-12 mg total)
(6-18 mg total)
(2-10 mg total)
1 (2 mg)
Guarantee Application ELISA Titer 1:64,000 WB (Premium) or WB & IP (Premium Plus) Positive for target protein antigen binding ELISA titer 1:128,000
Antibody Yields 1 purified
pAb (≥2 mg)
2 purified pAbs
(≥2 mg)
3 purified pAbs
(≥2 mg)
2 purified pAbs
(1-6 mg each)
1 purified pAb
(≥2 mg)
Timeline 45 Days 10-11 Weeks
Price Base Package Starting from $649 Starting from $1,999

*Each package only applies to a single protein sequence
**GenScript provides peptide synthesis, peptide design, carrier conjugation and antibody purification for free

Assays Western Blot Sandwich ELISA IF, IHC,
Flow Cytometry
Requirements&Rating Rationale
  • Average affinity and specific recognition.
  • High specificity and sensitivity.
  • Ability to use same pAb as both capture and detection.
  • High specificity and sensitivity
  • Conformational epitope recognition
  • Recognize multiple epitopes
    • recovers more target
    • overcomes obscured epitopes
  • Conformational epitope recognition
Premium Plus
what is your priority

Customer case study

Western blot analyses were performed to measure the effect of the Osi21 functional loss on the degradation of endocytosed rhodopsin.

Cost-effective Custom Polyclonal Antibodies Services

The polyclonal rabbit antiarrestin2 antibody is diluted 1:30,000. (GenScript, NY)

J Lee, M Song, S Hong. Negative Regulation of the Novel norpAP24 Suppressor, diehard4, in the Endo-lysosomal Trafficking Underlies Photoreceptor Cell Degeneration. PLoS Genet. June 2013, 9, e1003559

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Experimental Data

Antibodies produced using PolyExpress™ have ELISA titers as high as polyclonal antibodies produced using a traditional protocol.


ELISA analysis of purified antibody generated by either PolyExpress™ protocol or traditional protocol.

ELISA titer guaranteed custom polyclonal antibody services

ELISA analysis of purified antibody generated by PolyExpress™ Antibody Service.
PolyExpress™ generated an antibody with ELISA titer> 1: 256,000 which is higher than guaranteed.

Polyclonal Antibody Services Recommendations

For polyclonal antibodies targeting poorly defined epitopes we recommend protein antigens. Protein antigens provide the immune system the complete profile of exposed epitopes in the same conformational context the antibody will ultimately recognize the antigen such as FACS, sandwich ELISA, or receptor blocking for example. If financial constraints prevent selection of protein antigen packages, we recommend using the maximum amount of peptide antigens with our Gold package. Read More »

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custom polyclonal antibody production service quotation

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