GenScript's Customer Group service offers a convenient solution for customers to share information of orders, vectors, and clones within a designated group. This is extremently convenient for lab management.


  • 2017/1/31  There will be 2000 Group EzCoupon Points rewards to create a Customer Group! And you can donate your personal EzCoupon Points to your group now!
  • 2017/4/17  GenScript has launched Blanket PO tracking function; you can check your Blanket PO online now!

What Is A Customer Group

  • Customer Group is a collection of GenScript Accounts created to enable the members within the group to share information of orders, vectors, and clones freely with each other. This tool is mainly designed for labs.
  • Each Group has a sole group leader (usually the lab PI), who has the authority to award group members with “Master” authority privileges. The group leader and the members with Master authority privileges can invite others to join the group or remove members out of the group.
  • The main resources of Customer Group are: Group Orders, Group Quotes, Group Vectors, Group Clones, and Group EzCoupon Points.
  • Each Group member hereby warrants and represents that he/she is duly authorized to share information or material in this Group, and hereby grants to GenScript a permission to transfer the materials which are shared hereof and deposited in GenScript to any other members in this Group if he/she requests. The information and material shared in this Group is used for research purpose only. The ownership of intellectual property of any invention arising out of the use of the shared information or material shall be discussed and settled between the Group members who provides and who receives the information or materials.
  • Normal group members have the right to view other members’ archived vectors and clones at GenScript. The group leader and the members with Master authority can also view the other members’ GenScript quotes and orders information (including payment information).
  • Please contact our sales managers or tech-support team ( with any questions or if you need any help creating a Customer Group.

* Each member must have their own GenScript Account. Groups can currently only be comprised of people who are within the same lab. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns with creating a Customer Group.

  • List of Customer Group Roles
    • Leader: There is only one Leader in a customer group. Group leader can view all information within the group (including group order information, group vectors and group clones). The Group leader can also award Master authority to certain group members.
    • Master: There could be multiple Masters in a customer Group. The group members with Master authority can also view all information within the group, including group orders, group quotes, group vectors and group clones. But he or she cannot award Master authority to other group members.
    • Member: Normal group members can only view group vectors and group clones, but cannot view group orders/quotes information.
    • Candidate: the one group leader/master have already sent an invitation email; he or she will formally join the group after he or she accepted the invitation. But before that, he or she cannot view group information; and other members cannot view his or her information either.

Benefits Of Joining A Customer Group

  • Exchanging information is easy! – With just a click of a button, you can rapidly share information on your orders, quotes, vectors, and clones within a group.
  • Worry-free storage and record keeping – Keep a clear inventory of projects materials at GenScript, all easily accessible at a moment's notice for further use.
  • Managing a group is simple and straightforward - As a group leader, you can easily get access to group member's orders and monitor their progress, as well as invite or remove group members online. And you can also assign one or several Masters to help you manage the group.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed - group information will be strictly confidential and available only to members within the group.
  • Make full use of EzCoupon Points - if each of your group members has few EzCoupon Points, they can donate those points to the group to make a bigger point pool so that they can earn an even bigger discount than before. As an added benefit, any EzCoupon Points transferred to the group will receive an extra 12 months extension on their expiration period!
  • Click here to see how to donate personal EzCoupon Points to group »
  • Click here to see how to rebate Group EzCoupon Points »
  • Track and Share Blanket PO – You can track your Blanket PO history online and you can also share the Blanket PO with your group members. In further, you and your group members can directly use the Blanket PO to place orders or pay for orders in payment center.
  • Click here to see how to track Blanket PO history and share Blanket PO »

    How to track and share your personal Blanket PO

    How to track group Blanket PO

  • Click here to see how to use Blanket PO »

    Place order online

    Pay for order in payment center

Getting Started

Send and email to our customer service team*
A sales manager will contact you immediately for qualifying
Fill out a request form and send it back to us
We will create a Group for you immediately


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