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eBlot® L1 Fast Wet Transfer System

9-17 minutes transfer system with ultra-efficiency and simplicity

eStain L1 Protein Staining System
  • Excellent transfer efficiency: Better transfer efficiency than traditional wet transfer
  • Simple: Easy to assemble, one button operation and customizable programs available
  • Comprehensive: Outstanding performance for small, medium and large proteins
  • Fast: Complete transfer in 9-17minutes.
  • Efficient: Simultaneously transfer two mini gels
  • Compatible: Highly compatible with different types of precast or homemade gels
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eBlot® L1 is a highly efficient wet protein transfer system, which uses a patented technology developed by GenScript. eBlot® L1 combines the high stability and efficiency of the traditional wet transfer with the rapidness and convenience of the semi-dry transfer system. The device allows the efficient transfer of small, medium and large molecular weight proteins within 9-17 minutes.

eBlot® L1 allows fast and efficient transfer of 1 or 2 mini gels at a time. The system comes with conveniently designed transfer stacks/consumables (sold separately). The setup takes less than 2 minutes and can be performed just with the dry sponge.

Embrace the brand new experience that eBlot® L1 brings you!

  • Even better transfer efficiency compared to traditional wet transfer
  • Highly efficient transfer of both low and high molecular weight proteins within 9-17 minutes
  • Super easy to assemble, with one button operation and customizable programs

Make dry assembly possible, no messy dripping sponges anymore.
Customizable programs make it possible to satisfy any of your special needs.

  Wet transfer Transfer Device A Transfer device B eBlot L1
EGFR (170kd)
Taq (93kd)
GAPDH (36kd)