GenScript offers highly customizable and tailor-made solutions for your research needs. Our latest comprehensive gene synthesis services are designed with your downstream applications in mind, ensuring both exceptional quality and an industry-leading turnaround time.

Introducing GenSmart™ 2.0, our cutting-edge online ordering platform built to cater to your research requirements seamlessly. Placing your gene synthesis orders with plasmid DNA preparation via GenSmart™ 2.0 with ease, and GenScript is all set to deliver your synthetic DNA in as fast as 72 hours.

Over 20 Years Of Excellence


Unmatched Production Capacity

  • Gene synthesized up to 200K bp
  • Largest capacity at 200M bp daily

Gene Sequence with Certainty

  • 100% sequence accuracy guarantee
  • Quality control by sanger sequencing

Speedy Production and Delivery

  • Turnaround time starts from 72 hours
  • Global manufacturing network

Service Details

Sequence Input
  • Length: Up to 200,000 bp
  • Format: Nucleotide or Amino acid sequences
Cloning Options
  • Vectors: Choose from GenScript Clone Vectors, Expression Vectors, or your Vectors
  • Cloning Methods: Choose from restriction cloning, or seamless cloning
Plasmid DNA Options
(From 2 Business Days)
Turnaround Time Options
From 72 hours
The Fastest
From 5 Business Days
Most Popular
From 9 Business Days
Best Value

*If you need more than 4µg of plasmid DNA for your downstream application, order our bundled plasmid DNA preparation service and add just 2+ business days.


Tips to get your DNA synthesis projects faster

  • Choose Rocket Gene Synthesis service to save 3 more days of production time
  • Use GenScript’s default clone vector to save 2-5 days of production time

Please Note:

Deliverables Include

Deliverables Include
  • 4 μg of lyophilized plasmid (high-copy) containing your gene insert or 1 μg of lyophilized plasmid (low-copy) containing your gene insert
  • Sanger sequencing result covering your gene insert (electronic)
  • Construct map for the plasmid (electronic)
  • Certificate of analysis

GenSmart™ 2.0 Online Ordering Platform

Sequence inputSequence
Clone setup and codon optimization  Clone Setup &
Codon optimization
Plasmid Setup & Add-ons Plasmid Setup &
Order or Get a Quote Order or
Get a Quote
Order gene synthesis via GenSmart™ 2.0 with ease

Order gene synthesis via GenSmart™ 2.0 with ease

  • Utilize the best-in-class codon optimization algorithm to optimize your sequence
  • Select the most suitable gene synthesis, cloning, plasmid DNA preparation, and add-on services for your applications
  • Receive estimated pricing and turnaround time
  • Get an instant quote and place your order

Global Production Network

Cutting-edge facilities in China, the United States, and Singapore offer top-quality gene synthesis, cloning, and plasmid DNA services to global researchers. Our worldwide presence ensures quick and efficient access to our top-notch services, enabling researchers to focus on their core work with confidence. Trust in our expertise and global reach to support your research needs and propel innovation in the field of genetic sciences.


GenSmart™ 2.0 Online Ordering
GenSmart™ 2.0 Online Ordering

4 steps to get your quote or order your clonal gene.

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GenSmart™ 2.0 Quick User Manual
GenSmart™ 2.0 Quick User Manual

Essential steps and tips to get familiar with GenSmart™ 2.0

Free Download
GenSmart™ Codon Optimization
GenSmart™ Codon Optimization

A free online tool for codon optimization to improve gene expression and more.

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GenSmart™ Vector Design
GenSmart™ Vector Design

A free online tool to design your own plasmid vectors.

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