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Anopheles gambiae str. PEST

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304 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
CLIPB9 AGAP013442-PA protein-coding
CPR117 AGAP003379-PA protein-coding
COEAE2E AGAP005757-PA protein-coding
CPFL7 AGAP010908-PA protein-coding
CPR44 AGAP006851-PA protein-coding
CUSOD2 AGAP005234-PA protein-coding
CPR108 AGAP010099-PA protein-coding
CPR126 AGAP000345-PA protein-coding
CTLMA1 AGAP007411-PA protein-coding
CPR47 AGAP006848-PA protein-coding
CPR137 AGAP006002-PA protein-coding
CPR62 AGAP007042-PA protein-coding
CPR103 AGAP006005-PA protein-coding
CPR82 AGAP010095-PA protein-coding
CPR21 AGAP005996-PA protein-coding
CPR84 AGAP010100-PA protein-coding
CPR10 AGAP002994-PA protein-coding
CTLH1_ANOGA AGAP006244-PA protein-coding
CCD72_ANOGA AGAP008008-PA protein-coding
CPR113 AGAP010887-PA protein-coding
CLIPB20 AGAP012037-PA protein-coding
CPR140 AGAP006868-PA protein-coding
CPR35 AGAP006862-PA protein-coding
CPR92 AGAP010112-PA protein-coding
CPR30 AGAP006009-PA protein-coding
CAPA AGAP000347-PA protein-coding
CLIPB10 AGAP003058-PA protein-coding
CPR83 AGAP010098-PA protein-coding
CLIPA5 AGAP011787-PA protein-coding
CPR144 AGAP006369-PA protein-coding
CUSOD3 AGAP010347-PA protein-coding
CPR18 AGAP005967-PA protein-coding
CLIPE7 AGAP011786-PA protein-coding
CPR36 AGAP006861-PA protein-coding
CPR98 AGAP010124-PA protein-coding
CPFL3 AGAP010904-PA protein-coding
CPR102 AGAP006004-PA protein-coding
CPFL5 AGAP010906-PA protein-coding
CTL4 AGAP005335-PA protein-coding
CPR142 AGAP010126-PA protein-coding
CPFL1 AGAP010902-PA protein-coding
CPR111 AGAP006931-PA protein-coding
CPR53 AGAP006842-PA protein-coding
CPR7 AGAP002612-PA protein-coding
CPR64 AGAP006865-PA protein-coding
CLIPD2 AGAP008183-PA protein-coding
CLIPC6 AGAP000315-PA protein-coding
CLIPB3 AGAP003249-PA protein-coding
CCNC_ANOGA AGAP004240-PA protein-coding
CPR41 AGAP006854-PA protein-coding
CPR122 AGAP003384-PA protein-coding
COEAE8O AGAP006700-PA protein-coding
CPR133 AGAP009872-PA protein-coding
CPR155 AGAP013367-PA protein-coding
CPR132 AGAP010122-PA protein-coding
CEC4 AGAP006722-PA protein-coding
CLIPC3 AGAP004318-PA protein-coding
CPR8 AGAP002613-PA protein-coding
CPR101 AGAP006836-PA protein-coding
CLIPD8 AGAP002784-PA protein-coding
CLIPB18 AGAP009215-PA protein-coding
CPR139 AGAP013248-PA protein-coding
CPR118 AGAP003380-PA protein-coding
CASPS5 AGAP004921-PA protein-coding
CPR106 AGAP006095-PA protein-coding
CPR42 AGAP006853-PA protein-coding
CIAO1_ANOGA AGAP000444-PA protein-coding
CLIPB6 AGAP003252-PA protein-coding
CPR13 AGAP005454-PA protein-coding
CLIPC2 AGAP004317-PA protein-coding
CPR72 AGAP006597-PA protein-coding
CTL6 AGAP006267-PA protein-coding
CPR85 AGAP010101-PA protein-coding
CPR49 AGAP006846-PA protein-coding
CPR46 AGAP006849-PA protein-coding
CLIPB7 AGAP002270-PA protein-coding
CLIPB8 AGAP003057-PA protein-coding
CPR99 AGAP010127-PA protein-coding
CPR17 AGAP005966-PA protein-coding
CUE_ANOGA AGAP007023-PA protein-coding
CPR9 AGAP002726-PB protein-coding
CPR61 AGAP007040-PA protein-coding
CLIPE2 AGAP011782-PA protein-coding
CTLH2_ANOGA AGAP010343-PA protein-coding
CPR50 AGAP006845-PA protein-coding
CPR19 AGAP005968-PA protein-coding
CPLCX3 AGAP006149-PA protein-coding
CLIPC5 AGAP000571-PA protein-coding
CASPS14 caspase short class (AGAP012544-PA) protein-coding
CLIPB14 AGAP010833-PA protein-coding
CPR73 AGAP009868-PA protein-coding
CPR151 AGAP009870-PA protein-coding
CLIPB13 AGAP004855-PA protein-coding
CRY1_ANOGA AGAP001958-PA protein-coding
CTR2_ANOGA AGAP006711-PA protein-coding
CLIPB15 AGAP009844-PA protein-coding
CPR57 AGAP006831-PA protein-coding
CPR33 AGAP006013-PA protein-coding
CECA_ANOGA AGAP000693-PA protein-coding
CPR32 AGAP006012-PA protein-coding
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