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Anopheles gambiae str. PEST

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257 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
GPRMTH2 AGAP006216-PA protein-coding
GPRGR46 AGAP007756-PA protein-coding
GPROAR2 putative octopamine receptor 2 (AGAP012698-PA) protein-coding
GPRGR16 AGAP003254-PA protein-coding
GPRCCK1 AGAP001022-PA protein-coding
GPRTAK2 AGAP001592-PB protein-coding
GPRGR59 AGAP001137-PA protein-coding
GSTE1 AGAP009195-PA protein-coding
GPROR32 AGAP004951-PA protein-coding
GPRNNA15 AGAP011179-PA protein-coding
GPROR41 AGAP000226-PA protein-coding
GPROR25 AGAP003054-PA protein-coding
GPROR9 AGAP008333-PA protein-coding
GPROR57 AGAP004357-PA protein-coding
GPROR76 AGAP002046-PA protein-coding
GPRGR51 AGAP001172-PA protein-coding
GPRNNA7 AGAP003335-PA protein-coding
GNBPB2 AGAP002798-PA protein-coding
GNBPB4 AGAP002796-PA protein-coding
GPRCIR AGAP003972-PA protein-coding
GPRGHP3 AGAP000658-PA protein-coding
GPROR46 AGAP009392-PA protein-coding
GPROR47 AGAP009393-PA protein-coding
GPRNNA18 AGAP005002-PA protein-coding
GPRGR49 AGAP001169-PA protein-coding
GPRGR47 AGAP005514-PA protein-coding
GPRGNR3 AGAP001532-PA protein-coding
GAM1 AGAP008645-PA protein-coding
GPRMTH6 AGAP004026-PB protein-coding
GPROP12 AGAP002444-PA protein-coding
GPRGR26 AGAP006717-PA protein-coding
GPRGR21 AGAP003260-PA protein-coding
GPRGR53 AGAP002633-PA protein-coding
GPROR13 AGAP009396-PA protein-coding
GPROP10 AGAP007548-PB protein-coding
GALE5 AGAP011287-PA protein-coding
GPRGR45 AGAP007757-PA protein-coding
GPROR8 AGAP001912-PA protein-coding
GSTMIC1 AGAP000165-PA protein-coding
GPROR49 AGAP006667-PA protein-coding
GPROR35 AGAP004971-PA protein-coding
GRX1 AGAP011107-PA protein-coding
GPRGR52 AGAP001173-PA protein-coding
GALE2 AGAP000341-PA protein-coding
GSTD11 AGAP004378-PA protein-coding
GPRNNA3 AGAP002888-PB protein-coding
GSTD3 AGAP004382-PA protein-coding
GPROR27 AGAP004355-PA protein-coding
GPROP11 AGAP002443-PA protein-coding
GPRNNB3 AGAP001562-PA protein-coding
GSTD4 AGAP004381-PA protein-coding
GPROR65 AGAP008894-PA protein-coding
GSTD12 AGAP004380-PA protein-coding
GSTD6 AGAP004379-PA protein-coding
GPRCAL3 AGAP003654-PA protein-coding
GPRGR30 AGAP006875-PA protein-coding
GPROR22 AGAP008114-PA protein-coding
GPRGR58 AGAP001125-PA protein-coding
GNBPB3 AGAP002799-PA protein-coding
GPROR71 AGAP009707-PA protein-coding
GPRGR3 AGAP009858-PA protein-coding
GPROR60 AGAP011979-PA protein-coding
GPRNNA21 AGAP005681-PA protein-coding
GPROR61 AGAP011991-PA protein-coding
GPRGR38 AGAP001114-PA protein-coding
GPRGR39 AGAP001119-PA protein-coding
GPRGNR2 AGAP001558-PA protein-coding
GPROR34 AGAP002125-PA protein-coding
GPRDIH1 AGAP005464-PA protein-coding
GPROR51 AGAP009409-PA protein-coding
GPROR66 AGAP003310-PA protein-coding
GPROR72 AGAP009718-PA protein-coding
GPR5HT2A AGAP002232-PA protein-coding
GPROR69 AGAP009705-PA protein-coding
GPROR4 AGAP011468-PA protein-coding
GPROAR1 AGAP000045-PA protein-coding
GPROP7 AGAP002462-PA protein-coding
GPROR18 AGAP009410-PA protein-coding
GPROR28 AGAP002722-PA protein-coding
GPRTAK1 AGAP002824-PA protein-coding
GPRMTH5 AGAP004025-PA protein-coding
GNBPB1 AGAP004455-PA protein-coding
GPRNNA1 AGAP001862-PA protein-coding
GPROPDR AGAP001498-PA protein-coding
GPRGR41 AGAP001122-PA protein-coding
GPRGR54 AGAP004313-PA protein-coding
GPROR58 AGAP004067-PA protein-coding
GSTT1 AGAP000761-PA protein-coding
GPROR12 AGAP009412-PA protein-coding
GSTE3 AGAP009197-PA protein-coding
GPROR20 AGAP009413-PA protein-coding
GPRGR23 AGAP003098-PA protein-coding
GPROR37 AGAP002126-PA protein-coding
GPRGR12 AGAP009802-PA protein-coding
GPRGR1 AGAP004114-PA protein-coding
GNAS_ANOGA AGAP012095-PA protein-coding
GPROR64 AGAP011990-PA protein-coding
GRX3 AGAP009738-PA protein-coding
GPRSTN AGAP004850-PA protein-coding
GPRNNA4 AGAP004034-PA protein-coding
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