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Yarrowia lipolytica CLIB122

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6447 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
YALI0_F05192g YALI0F05192p protein-coding
YALI0_D12166g YALI0D12166p protein-coding
YALI0_F13409g YALI0F13409p protein-coding
YALI0_D19624g YALI0D19624p protein-coding
YALI0_D25542g YALI0D25542p protein-coding
YALI0_B09449g YALI0B09449p protein-coding
YALI0_F28017g YALI0F28017p protein-coding
YALI0_E31779g YALI0E31779p protein-coding
YALI0_F00836g YALI0F00836p protein-coding
YALI0_E20867g YALI0E20867p protein-coding
YALI0_D24145g YALI0D24145p protein-coding
YALI0_E15059g YALI0E15059p protein-coding
YALI0_C13574g YALI0C13574p protein-coding
YALI0_C11451g YALI0C11451p protein-coding
YALI0_B08338g YALI0B08338p protein-coding
YALI0_B18744g YALI0B18744p protein-coding
YALI0_E20295g YALI0E20295p protein-coding
YALI0_A06886g YALI0A06886p protein-coding
YALI0_F25685g YALI0F25685p protein-coding
YALI0_C20911g YALI0C20911p protein-coding
YALI0_A10076g YALI0A10076p protein-coding
YALI0_E23606g YALI0E23606p protein-coding
YALI0_E04785g YALI0E04785p protein-coding
YALI0_B11880g ribosome biogenesis protein BRX1 protein-coding
YALI0_E05797g YALI0E05797p protein-coding
YALI0_B18898g YALI0B18898p protein-coding
YALI0_D05599g YALI0D05599p protein-coding
YALI0_B16588g YALI0B16588p protein-coding
YALI0_B03982g YALI0B03982p protein-coding
YALI0_C03179g YALI0C03179p protein-coding
YALI0_F08195g YALI0F08195p protein-coding
YALI0_E14036g YALI0E14036p protein-coding
YALI0_C19943g YALI0C19943p protein-coding
YALI0_D08338g YALI0D08338p protein-coding
YALI0_F24343g YALI0F24343p protein-coding
YALI0_F13937g YALI0F13937p protein-coding
YALI0_F31955g YALI0F31955p protein-coding
YALI0_A06105g YALI0A06105p protein-coding
YALI0_D06523g YALI0D06523p protein-coding
YALI0_F23353g YALI0F23353p protein-coding
YALI0_E01650g YALI0E01650p protein-coding
YALI0_D04466g YALI0D04466p protein-coding
YALI0_E01782g YALI0E01782p protein-coding
YALI0_C01826g YALI0C01826p protein-coding
YALI0_F09471g YALI0F09471p protein-coding
YALI0_E28371g YALI0E28371p protein-coding
YALI0_F26136g YALI0F26136p protein-coding
YALI0_F05654g YALI0F05654p protein-coding
YALI0_D26389g YALI0D26389p protein-coding
YALI0_C08220g YALI0C08220p protein-coding
YALI0_D05929g YALI0D05929p protein-coding
YALI0_E10461g ribosome biogenesis protein NSA2 protein-coding
YALI0_B02266g YALI0B02266p protein-coding
YALI0_F17798g YALI0F17798p protein-coding
YALI0_E11121g YALI0E11121p protein-coding
YALI0_F07535g YALI0F07535p protein-coding
YALI0_B01012g YALI0B01012p protein-coding
YALI0_E23342g YALI0E23342p protein-coding
YALI0_A09636g YALI0A09636p protein-coding
YALI0_C14058g YALI0C14058p protein-coding
YALI0_E17611g YALI0E17611p protein-coding
YALI0_C20317g YALI0C20317p protein-coding
YALI0_C19682g YALI0C19682p protein-coding
YALI0_F05676g 40S ribosomal protein S1 protein-coding
YALI0_C11297g YALI0C11297p protein-coding
YALI0_A10901g YALI0A10901p protein-coding
YALI0_D10274g YALI0D10274p protein-coding
YALI0_C21428g YALI0C21428p protein-coding
YALI0_E04202g YALI0E04202p protein-coding
YALI0_A06765g YALI0A06765p protein-coding
YALI0_D05731g 40S ribosomal protein S22 protein-coding
YALI0_D11286g YALI0D11286p protein-coding
YALI0_E05643g YALI0E05643p protein-coding
YALI0_B12870g YALI0B12870p protein-coding
YALI0_E12551g YALI0E12551p protein-coding
YALI0_F31548g YALI0F31548p protein-coding
YALI0_B10692g YALI0B10692p protein-coding
YALI0_B06809g YALI0B06809p protein-coding
YALI0_F05390g YALI0F05390p protein-coding
YALI0_A19118g YALI0A19118p protein-coding
YALI0_E21560g YALI0E21560p protein-coding
YALI0_F04906g YALI0F04906p protein-coding
YALI0_F07513g YALI0F07513p protein-coding
YALI0_F04095g YALI0F04095p protein-coding
YALI0_F11539g YALI0F11539p protein-coding
YALI0_E33033g YALI0E33033p protein-coding
YALI0_D11704g YALI0D11704p protein-coding
YALI0_E18898g YALI0E18898p protein-coding
YALI0_F06094g YALI0F06094p protein-coding
YALI0_A04345g YALI0A04345p protein-coding
YALI0_B16896g YALI0B16896p protein-coding
YALI0_E16797g YALI0E16797p protein-coding
YALI0_B17556g YALI0B17556p protein-coding
YALI0_F27313g YALI0F27313p protein-coding
YALI0_A18898g YALI0A18898p protein-coding
YALI0_F05258g YALI0F05258p protein-coding
YALI0_D25190g YALI0D25190p protein-coding
YALI0_F02123g YALI0F02123p protein-coding
YALI0_B13618g YALI0B13618p protein-coding
YALI0_F11616g YALI0F11616p protein-coding
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