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Debaryomyces hansenii CBS767

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6271 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
DEHA2B04730g DEHA2B04730p protein-coding
DEHA2C14190g DEHA2C14190p protein-coding
DEHA2D03234g DEHA2D03234p protein-coding
DEHA2D15642g DEHA2D15642p protein-coding
DEHA2D01210g DEHA2D01210p protein-coding
DEHA2A11682g DEHA2A11682p protein-coding
DEHA2E05874g DEHA2E05874p protein-coding
DEHA2B08646g DEHA2B08646p protein-coding
DEHA2G20988g DEHA2G20988p protein-coding
DEHA2F03586g DEHA2F03586p protein-coding
DEHA2F01518g 60S ribosomal protein L11 protein-coding
DEHA2G04400g DEHA2G04400p protein-coding
DEHA2A01914g DEHA2A01914p protein-coding
DEHA2B15510g DEHA2B15510p protein-coding
DEHA2E11770g mitochondrial 54S ribosomal protein YmL17/YmL30 protein-coding
DEHA2B11110g DEHA2B11110p protein-coding
DEHA2E22638g DEHA2E22638p protein-coding
DEHA2E03300g DEHA2E03300p protein-coding
DEHA2F07898g DEHA2F07898p protein-coding
DEHA2C05720g DEHA2C05720p protein-coding
DEHA2G11814g DEHA2G11814p protein-coding
DEHA2C06028g DEHA2C06028p protein-coding
DEHA2D01320g DEHA2D01320p protein-coding
DEHA2E15796g DEHA2E15796p protein-coding
DEHA2C04202g DEHA2C04202p protein-coding
DEHA2G06424g DEHA2G06424p protein-coding
DEHA2F16302g DEHA2F16302p protein-coding
DEHA2B15686g DEHA2B15686p protein-coding
DEHA2E10208g DEHA2E10208p protein-coding
DEHA2D16786g DEHA2D16786p protein-coding
DEHA2C07172g DEHA2C07172p protein-coding
DEHA2C10362g DEHA2C10362p protein-coding
DEHA2F10736g DEHA2F10736p protein-coding
DEHA2G09658g DEHA2G09658p protein-coding
DEHA2D09174g DEHA2D09174p protein-coding
DEHA2F01694g DEHA2F01694p protein-coding
DEHA2E22088g DEHA2E22088p protein-coding
DEHA2G12276g DEHA2G12276p protein-coding
DEHA2C11352g DEHA2C11352p protein-coding
DEHA2F17050g DEHA2F17050p protein-coding
DEHA2C10604g DEHA2C10604p protein-coding
DEHA2B03102g DEHA2B03102p protein-coding
DEHA2D09196g DEHA2D09196p protein-coding
DEHA2A03278g DEHA2A03278p protein-coding
DEHA2D10318g DEHA2D10318p protein-coding
DEHA2E08646g DEHA2E08646p protein-coding
DEHA2B04862g DEHA2B04862p protein-coding
DEHA2F20790g DEHA2F20790p protein-coding
DEHA2G00396g DEHA2G00396p protein-coding
DEHA2G06864g DEHA2G06864p protein-coding
DEHA2D12804g DEHA2D12804p protein-coding
DEHA2D15840g DEHA2D15840p protein-coding
DEHA2F18150g DEHA2F18150p protein-coding
DEHA2B07304g DEHA2B07304p protein-coding
DEHA2D19162g DEHA2D19162p protein-coding
DEHA2D15334g DEHA2D15334p protein-coding
DEHA2A11330g DEHA2A11330p protein-coding
DEHA2E16302g DEHA2E16302p protein-coding
DEHA2F09988g DEHA2F09988p protein-coding
DEHA2D14916g DEHA2D14916p protein-coding
DEHA2G07612g DEHA2G07612p protein-coding
DEHA2F12760g DEHA2F12760p protein-coding
DEHA2F00946g DEHA2F00946p protein-coding
DEHA2B11990g DEHA2B11990p protein-coding
DEHA2C02002g DEHA2C02002p protein-coding
DEHA2G01892g DEHA2G01892p protein-coding
DEHA2D00110g DEHA2D00110p protein-coding
DEHA2A03168g DEHA2A03168p protein-coding
DEHA2E10780g DEHA2E10780p protein-coding
DEHA2B07942g DEHA2B07942p protein-coding
DEHA2E00198g DEHA2E00198p protein-coding
DEHA2E21802g DEHA2E21802p protein-coding
DEHA2E00770g DEHA2E00770p protein-coding
DEHA2B01298g DEHA2B01298p protein-coding
DEHA2C14256g DEHA2C14256p protein-coding
DEHA2F00660g DEHA2F00660p protein-coding
DEHA2B03784g DEHA2B03784p protein-coding
DEHA2D11550g DEHA2D11550p protein-coding
DEHA2F14058g DEHA2F14058p protein-coding
DEHA2E00154g DEHA2E00154p protein-coding
DEHA2A07590g DEHA2A07590p protein-coding
DEHA2B05258g DEHA2B05258p protein-coding
DEHA2E20350g DEHA2E20350p protein-coding
DEHA2F27236g DEHA2F27236p protein-coding
DEHA2A10362g DEHA2A10362p protein-coding
DEHA2G18128g DEHA2G18128p protein-coding
DEHA2G20944g DEHA2G20944p protein-coding
DEHA2G03344g DEHA2G03344p protein-coding
DEHA2A00792g DEHA2A00792p protein-coding
DEHA2C14322g ribosome biogenesis protein NSA2 protein-coding
DEHA2B02816g DEHA2B02816p protein-coding
DEHA2B02354g DEHA2B02354p protein-coding
DEHA2F03146g DEHA2F03146p protein-coding
DEHA2A12232g DEHA2A12232p protein-coding
DEHA2E14630g DEHA2E14630p protein-coding
DEHA2D09944g DEHA2D09944p protein-coding
DEHA2E19338g DEHA2E19338p protein-coding
DEHA2A02222g DEHA2A02222p protein-coding
DEHA2F12738g DEHA2F12738p protein-coding
DEHA2A12694g DEHA2A12694p protein-coding
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