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Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288C

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107 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
VHR2 Vhr2p protein-coding
VPS62 Vps62p protein-coding
VPS34 phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase VPS34 protein-coding
VPS24 ESCRT-III subunit protein VPS24 protein-coding
VTS1 Vts1p protein-coding
VPS41 Vps41p protein-coding
VAC17 Vac17p protein-coding
VPS5 sorting nexin 1 protein-coding
VMA11 H(+)-transporting V0 sector ATPase subunit c' protein-coding
VTC4 Vtc4p protein-coding
VHR1 Vhr1p protein-coding
VTC5 hypothetical protein protein-coding
VBA2 Vba2p protein-coding
VHS1 putative serine/threonine protein kinase VHS1 protein-coding
VOA1 Voa1p protein-coding
VPS55 Vps55p protein-coding
VTA1 Vta1p protein-coding
VPS13 membrane morphogenesis protein VPS13 protein-coding
VHC1 Vhc1p protein-coding
VPS16 tethering complex subunit VPS16 protein-coding
VMR1 putative ATP-binding cassette multidrug transporter VMR1 protein-coding
VMA6 H(+)-transporting V0 sector ATPase subunit d protein-coding
VMA2 H(+)-transporting V1 sector ATPase subunit B protein-coding
VMA21 Vma21p protein-coding
VPH1 H(+)-transporting V0 sector ATPase subunit a protein-coding
VTC1 Vtc1p protein-coding
VPS25 ESCRT-II subunit protein VPS25 protein-coding
VPS9 guanine nucleotide exchange factor VPS9 protein-coding
VPS60 Vps60p protein-coding
VPS36 ESCRT-II subunit protein VPS36 protein-coding
VID27 Vid27p protein-coding
VID24 glucose-induced degradation complex subunit VID24 protein-coding
VPS54 Vps54p protein-coding
VID28 glucose-induced degradation complex subunit VID28 protein-coding
VMA13 H(+)-transporting V1 sector ATPase subunit H protein-coding
VMA22 Vma22p protein-coding
VBA4 Vba4p protein-coding
VPS20 ESCRT-III subunit protein VPS20 protein-coding
VAM3 SNAP receptor VAM3 protein-coding
VHT1 Vht1p protein-coding
VAB2 Vab2p protein-coding
VMA3 H(+)-transporting V0 sector ATPase subunit c protein-coding
VPS74 Vps74p protein-coding
VPS21 Rab family GTPase VPS21 protein-coding
VMA5 H(+)-transporting V1 sector ATPase subunit C protein-coding
VPS28 ESCRT-I subunit protein VPS28 protein-coding
VTH1 signal sequence-binding protein protein-coding
VPS35 retromer subunit VPS35 protein-coding
VPS15 ubiquitin-binding serine/threonine protein kinase VPS15 protein-coding
VNX1 Vnx1p protein-coding
VMA8 H(+)-transporting V1 sector ATPase subunit D protein-coding
VPH2 Vph2p protein-coding
VPS63 Vps63p protein-coding
VMA16 H(+)-transporting V0 sector ATPase subunit c'' protein-coding
VMA10 H(+)-transporting V1 sector ATPase subunit G protein-coding
VMA9 H(+)-transporting V0 sector ATPase subunit e protein-coding
VPS33 tethering complex ATP-binding subunit VPS33 protein-coding
VAS1 valine--tRNA ligase protein-coding
VPS75 Vps75p protein-coding
VPS70 putative zinc metalloprotease protein-coding
VAM6 Vam6p protein-coding
VBA5 basic amino acid transporter protein-coding
VAM10 Vam10p protein-coding
VPS8 CORVET complex membrane-binding subunit VPS8 protein-coding
VAN1 Van1p protein-coding
VRG4 GDP-mannose transporter protein-coding
VPS30 beclin 1 protein-coding
VPS38 Vps38p protein-coding
VPS73 putative sugar transporter protein-coding
VIK1 Vik1p protein-coding
VPS68 Vps68p protein-coding
VPS3 CORVET complex subunit VPS3 protein-coding
VCX1 Vcx1p protein-coding
VTC3 vacuolar transporter chaperone protein-coding
VID30 glucose-induced degradation complex subunit VID30 protein-coding
VPS45 Vps45p protein-coding
VMS1 Vms1p protein-coding
VTC2 vacuolar transporter chaperone protein-coding
VPS29 retromer subunit VPS29 protein-coding
VTI1 v-SNARE protein VTI1 protein-coding
VID22 Vid22p protein-coding
VPS27 ESCRT-0 subunit protein VPS27 protein-coding
VIP1 inositol polyphosphate kinase VIP1 protein-coding
VBA1 Vba1p protein-coding
VEL1 Vel1p protein-coding
VPS64 Vps64p protein-coding
VFA1 Vfa1p protein-coding
VBA3 basic amino acid transporter protein-coding
VPS51 Vps51p protein-coding
VRP1 Vrp1p protein-coding
VAC7 Vac7p protein-coding
VPS71 Vps71p protein-coding
VHS2 Vhs2p protein-coding
VAC8 protein anchor VAC8 protein-coding
VMA4 H(+)-transporting V1 sector ATPase subunit E protein-coding
VTH2 signal sequence-binding protein protein-coding
VPS72 Vps72p protein-coding
VHS3 phosphopantothenoylcysteine decarboxylase complex subunit VHS3 protein-coding
VAM7 Vam7p protein-coding
VAC14 Vac14p protein-coding
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