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Ostreococcus tauri

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7450 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
OT_ostta07g00940 Leucine-rich repeat, typical subtype protein-coding
OT_ostta10g03050 Uncharacterised protein family SERF protein-coding
OT_ostta02g03750 Protein of unknown function DUF3128 protein-coding
OT_ostta10g02255 Thiolase-like, subgroup protein-coding
OT_ostta13g01310 Homeobox domain protein-coding
OT_ostta19g00280 Methyltransferase FkbM protein-coding
OT_ostta17g02410 Conserved oligomeric Golgi complex subunit 6 protein-coding
OT_ostta15g00850 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta04g03970 Reactive oxygen species modulator 1 protein-coding
OT_ostta07g01270 Methyltransferase type 11 protein-coding
OT_ostta11g03270 tRNA (guanine(26)-N(2))-dimethyltransferase protein-coding
OT_ostta16g00540 CAAX amino terminal protease protein-coding
OT_ostta16g01200 DNA helicase (DNA repair), Rad3 type protein-coding
OT_ostta07g03320 HSP20-like chaperone protein-coding
OT_ostta19g00140 Triose-phosphate transporter domain protein-coding
OT_ostta03g05380 tRNA modification GTPase MnmE domain 2 protein-coding
OT_ostta02g00180 Polyketide synthase, KR protein-coding
OT_ostta04g03320 Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal protein-coding
OT_ostta15g02880 Endonuclease III-like, iron-sulphur cluster loop motif protein-coding
OT_ostta03g01010 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta07g00510 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta16g02720 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta16g00100 Ribosomal RNA-processing protein 7 protein-coding
OT_ostta02g00350 hypothetical protein protein-coding
OT_ostta06g04380 PMP-22/EMP/MP20/Claudin superfamily protein-coding
OT_ostta02g00610 ATPase, F1 complex beta subunit/V1 complex,C-terminal protein-coding
OT_ostta10g02240 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit J protein-coding
OT_ostta10g01960 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta13g01620 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta07g02590 Magnesium-protoporphyrin IX methyltransferase protein-coding
OT_ostta07g02960 EGF-like, conserved site protein-coding
OT_ostta20g00210 HAD-superfamily hydrolase, subfamily IIA protein-coding
OT_ostta16g00560 Dihydrodipicolinate reductase, N-terminal protein-coding
OT_ostta09g03620 NADP-dependent oxidoreductase domain protein-coding
OT_ostta02g05530 DNA/RNA helicase, DEAD/DEAH box type, N-terminal protein-coding
OT_ostta04g00790 K Homology domain, type 1 protein-coding
OT_ostta03g03650 Tetratricopeptide repeat protein-coding
OT_ostta04g03810 Band 7 protein protein-coding
OT_ostta11g00030 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta10g00160 Metallopeptidase, catalytic domain protein-coding
OT_ostta03g04160 Saposin-like type B, 1 protein-coding
OT_ostta10g01200 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta01g00020 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase protein-coding
OT_ostta01g02950 Leucine-rich repeat protein-coding
OT_ostta02g05510 Fatty acid desaturase, type 1 protein-coding
OT_ostta06g03720 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta02g00630 Nucleotide-binding, alpha-beta plait protein-coding
OT_ostta08g03520 Peptidase M24, methionine aminopeptidase protein-coding
OT_ostta10g02025 hypothetical protein protein-coding
OT_ostta04g02690 Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase,FKBP-type,domain protein-coding
OT_ostta11g01045 Domain of unknown function DUF4033 protein-coding
OT_ostta14g01105 D-isomer specific 2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase,NAD-binding protein-coding
OT_ostta07g03780 MaoC-like domain protein-coding
OT_ostta03g02270 Cyclin C protein-coding
OT_ostta18g01430 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta01g01850 Carotenoid oxygenase protein-coding
OT_ostta09g01460 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta08g02970 Zinc/iron permease protein-coding
OT_ostta02g03400 Ferritin-like superfamily protein-coding
OT_ostta07g00740 P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase protein-coding
OT_ostta15g02910 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta18g00970 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta13g02200 Amidohydrolase 1 protein-coding
OT_ostta11g02620 Zinc finger, RING/FYVE/PHD-type protein-coding
OT_ostta12g02820 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta13g01040 Cytochrome b5-like heme/steroid binding domain protein-coding
OT_ostta11g01300 Ribonuclease H-like domain protein-coding
OT_ostta12g02100 Domain of unknown function DUF4033 protein-coding
OT_ostta06g00040 Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis, conserved site protein-coding
OT_ostta07g00790 HSP20-like chaperone protein-coding
OT_ostta07g04110 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta02g00190 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta08g00980 Rudiment single hybrid motif protein-coding
OT_ostta06g01610 RIO2 kinase, winged helix, N-terminal protein-coding
OT_ostta03g00450 Dimeric alpha-beta barrel protein-coding
OT_ostta01g02840 Glutathione S-transferase, N-terminal protein-coding
OT_ostta07g01740 Short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase SDR protein-coding
OT_ostta07g04180 Ribosomal protein L37e protein-coding
OT_ostta15g00830 Pyridoxal phosphate-dependent transferase, major region, subdomain 2 protein-coding
OT_ostta06g02710 Cyclophilin-like peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase domain protein-coding
OT_ostta05g03990 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta12g01260 Peptidase S10, serine carboxypeptidase, active site protein-coding
OT_ostta16g01110 Protein of unknown function DUF3067 protein-coding
OT_ostta04g01390 Major facilitator superfamily domain, general substrate transporter protein-coding
OT_ostta06g04520 Tetratricopeptide repeat protein-coding
OT_ostta13g01480 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta14g01190 Proteasome assembly chaperone 3 protein-coding
OT_ostta16g02730 Transposase IS605, OrfB, C-terminal protein-coding
OT_ostta02g00890 Ribosomal protein L36e protein-coding
OT_ostta11g00620 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta02g00500 P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase protein-coding
OT_ostta12g02460 Uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase (URO-D) protein-coding
OT_ostta06g01890 Fructosamine/Ketosamine-3-kinase protein-coding
OT_ostta11g02980 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta15g01390 unnamed product protein-coding
OT_ostta14g01355 Pseudouridine synthase/archaeosine transglycosylase protein-coding
OT_ostta01g05710 Domain of unknown function DUF1977, DnaJ-like protein-coding
OT_ostta10g00545 Thioredoxin-like fold protein-coding
OT_ostta07g00040 Zinc finger protein 706 protein-coding
OT_ostta08g01790 tRNA-guanine(15) transglycosylase-like protein-coding
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