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Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)

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477 gene
Gene Symbol Full Name Gene Type
Syn Synapsin protein-coding
Smyd5 SET and MYND domain containing, class 5 protein-coding
SkpA SKP1-related A protein-coding
Sfp78E Seminal fluid protein 78E protein-coding
Scox Synthesis of cytochrome c oxidase protein-coding
Scsalpha Succinyl coenzyme A synthetase alpha subunit protein-coding
Su(z)12 CG8013 gene product from transcript CG8013-RB protein-coding
Synd Syndapin protein-coding
Spn77Ba Serpin 77Ba protein-coding
Ssrp Structure specific recognition protein protein-coding
Spn88Eb Serpin 88Eb protein-coding
Sirt2 Sirtuin 2 protein-coding
SamDC S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase protein-coding
Spn42Db Serpin 42Db protein-coding
Shal Shaker cognate l protein-coding
Syx8 Syntaxin 8 protein-coding
Sos Son of sevenless protein-coding
Sep1 Septin 1 protein-coding
Sgs1 Salivary gland secretion 1 protein-coding
S-Lap7 Sperm-Leucylaminopeptidase 7 protein-coding
Sesn Sestrin protein-coding
Syn1 Syntrophin-like 1 protein-coding
SelD Selenide,water dikinase protein-coding
Sfp51E Seminal fluid protein 51E protein-coding
Spps Sp1-like factor for pairing sensitive-silencing protein-coding
Semp1 Seminal metalloprotease-1 protein-coding
Sytbeta Synaptotagmin beta protein-coding
Sec5 Secretory 5 protein-coding
Sec16 Secretory 16 protein-coding
SMC5 Structural maintenance of chromosomes 5 protein-coding
Sodh-2 Sorbitol dehydrogenase-2 protein-coding
Ski6 CG15481 gene product from transcript CG15481-RB protein-coding
Sec61gamma Sec61 gamma subunit protein-coding
Sod3 Superoxide dismutase 3 protein-coding
Smu1 Smu1 spliceosomal factor protein-coding
Sws1 SWIM domain containing Srs2 interacting protein 1 protein-coding
Snmp1 Sensory neuron membrane protein 1 protein-coding
Snr1 Snf5-related 1 protein-coding
Sln Silnoon protein-coding
Sec61beta Sec61 beta subunit protein-coding
SppL Signal peptide peptidase-like protein-coding
Syx17 Syntaxin 17 protein-coding
Sfp53D Seminal fluid protein 53D protein-coding
Spn42Dd Serpin 42Dd protein-coding
Sac1 Sac1 phosphatase protein-coding
Spn31A Serpin 31A protein-coding
Syt4 Synaptotagmin 4 protein-coding
Sep2 Septin 2 protein-coding
Su(var)205 Suppressor of variegation 205 protein-coding
STUB1 STIP1 homology and U-box containing protein 1 protein-coding
SoYb Sister of Yb protein-coding
Sgs4 Salivary gland secretion 4 protein-coding
Ste:CG33238 CG33238 gene product from transcript CG33238-RB protein-coding
SkpB SKP1-related B protein-coding
SdhA Succinate dehydrogenase, subunit A (flavoprotein) protein-coding
SIFa SIFamide protein-coding
Sik3 Salt-inducible kinase 3 protein-coding
Smurf SMAD specific E3 ubiquitin protein ligase protein-coding
Spn28Dc Serpin 28Dc protein-coding
Sr-CIII Scavenger receptor class C, type III protein-coding
S Star protein-coding
Sr-CI Scavenger receptor class C, type I protein-coding
SmD2 Small ribonucleoprotein particle protein SmD2 protein-coding
Snup Snurportin protein-coding
Spn43Ab Serpin 43Ab protein-coding
S-Lap2 Sperm-Leucylaminopeptidase 2 protein-coding
Ste:CG33243 CG33243 gene product from transcript CG33243-RB protein-coding
Sodh-1 Sorbitol dehydrogenase 1 protein-coding
Sin1 SAPK-interacting protein 1 protein-coding
Syx13 Syntaxin 13 protein-coding
Ste:CG33245 CG33245 gene product from transcript CG33245-RB protein-coding
Sar1 Secretion-associated Ras-related 1 protein-coding
ScpX Sterol carrier protein X-related thiolase protein-coding
Sid Stress induced DNase protein-coding
Sce Sex combs extra protein-coding
SrpRbeta Signal recognition particle receptor beta protein-coding
Syngr Synaptogyrin protein-coding
Sin Sex-lethal interactor protein-coding
Syp Syncrip protein-coding
Sugb Sugar baby protein-coding
Syx5 Syntaxin 5 protein-coding
Sas10 Something about silencing 10 protein-coding
SLC22A SLC22A family member protein-coding
Ste12DOR Stellate 12D orphon protein-coding
Strica Ser/Thr-rich caspase protein-coding
S2P site-2 protease protein-coding
Surf4 Surfeit 4 protein-coding
SKIP Shal K[+] channel interacting protein protein-coding
Slh SLY-1 homologous protein-coding
Strip Striatin interacting protein protein-coding
Syt7 Synaptotagmin 7 protein-coding
SdhD Succinate dehydrogenase, subunit D protein-coding
Sulf1 Sulfated protein-coding
Sbf SET domain binding factor protein-coding
Sox21b CG32139 gene product from transcript CG32139-RA protein-coding
SH3PX1 SH3 and PX domain containing 1 protein-coding
Sdic1 Sperm-specific dynein intermediate chain 1 protein-coding
Spn42De Serpin 42De protein-coding
Su(var)2-10 Suppressor of variegation 2-10 protein-coding
Sec13 Secretory 13 protein-coding
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