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Gene Service Selection Guide

Use this chart to quickly determine which GenScript services are the best match for your research needs.

If you need… Check out these services: Turnaround time as fast as: Prices starting at:
Customized DNA sequences
2 weeks (standard)
4 days (Rush)
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Genes optimized for efficient protein expression OptimumGene™ Codon Optimization Optimization Report
emailed within 24 hours;
codon-optimized genes
delivered within
2 weeks (standard) or
4 days (Rush)
Free when you
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for gene synthesis
Quick Delivery of DNA constructs
Express Gene Synthesis: Rush service Fast service
4 business days
High-volume synthesis of many unique DNA sequences
4 weeks
Long DNA Fragments (>8kb)
ORF clones - ORFs from RefSeq cDNAs cloned into your choice of vector
2 weeks
DNA inserts seamlessly cloned into the vector of your choice
Custom Cloning
bundled with gene synthesis
5 days
PCR subcloning of DNA templates you mail in
14 days
Mutated DNA Sequences
2 weeks (standard) 4 days (Rush)
A large number of gene variants for protein engineering or high- throughput screening
  • Site-Directed Mutagenesis Libraries
  • Combinatorial Assembly Libraries
  • Truncation Variant Libraries
  • Scanning Point Mutation Libraries
  • Randomized and Degenerated Libraries
Up to 2000 unique sequences within 4 weeks
Large quantity of DNA
1 week
Sterile, GLP-compliant plasmid DNA for drug development
GLP-compliant, Industrial Grade Plasmid Prep with sterile filtering
9 days
gRNA constructs for CRISPR-mediated genome editing
2 weeks
Targeting Vectors for creating transgenic strains
<4 weeks
RNAi (miRNA or siRNA) constructs for transient or stable knock-down of target gene expression
2 weeks
Oligos, with or without custom modifications, labeling, or purification
1 week

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