GenScript Entered into a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with PersonGen on Cell Isolation Products

March 28, 2023

On March 28, GenScript entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with PersonGen-Anke Cellular Therapeutics Co., Ltd. ("PersonGen") on cell isolation products, aiming to promote the development of cell therapy industry and accelerate the process of cell isolation products. The parties intend to work together to drive the vigorous development of the cell therapy field and benefit more patients.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the cell therapy field, the National Medical Products Administration has put forward higher requirements for the standardization of cell therapy processes. One of the main challenges in this field is how to produce and control cell therapy products in a safe, efficient and compliant manner. As a previous step in the overall cell therapy processes, cell isolation technology plays a crucial role in the production of CAR-T.

To further promote the rapid development of the gene and cell therapy (GCT) industry and achieve a stable and efficient production process of cell therapy drugs, GenScript, as a pioneer in this field, with its rich experience in developing antibodies and magnetic beads, as well as the ecological layout of the GCT industry chain, is fully committed to independently developing and launching CytoSinct™ cell isolation platform, providing high-quality isolation beads, consumables and equipment to accelerate the research and commercialization of cell therapy .

At the signing ceremony, Dr. Yang Lin, founder and chairman of PersonGen, stated that his company has opened up a vast space on its technology platform from personalized to universal, from hematomas to solid tumors, and from rare diseases to major diseases. Meanwhile, the company hopes to benefit cancer patients by reducing drug costs.

The rapid development of the cell therapy industry brings hope to patients. Industry players are also facing dual pressure to increase productivity and save costs. GenScript CytoSinct™ cell isolation solution is able to provide reliable and high-quality critical materials, facilitating cell therapy companies to improve R&D efficiency and reduce commercialization costs of drugs. GenScript expects to see mutual development in future collaboration and help PersonGen reduce manufacturing costs, build a global R&D hub for innovative cell drugs, and develop cell drugs to meet patient needs.


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