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Easy-To-Use Shopping Cart

Here at GenScript we take special pride in offering you a variety of high-quality, enabling reagents and services to make your research easy. Now, by upgrading our GenScript Shopping Cart, we are making your research even easier! Designed with your convenience in mind, GenScript Shopping Cart provides you with the ultimate functionality allowing you to easily select and order any reagent or service you need by a few easy clicks.

All the Features You Want, With No Hassle

Easy-To-Use Coupons
Automatically Applied to Give You the Best Offer

Flexible Shipping Options
Choose Your Preferred Delivery Method

Multiple Currencies
Pay with Your Preferred Currency

Available Services & Products

Frequently-Asked Questions

  1. 1. Why is the price of my product not showing up in the shopping cart?

    The price is calculated based on the information your entered. If you selected an item that requires a quote, the system can't calculate a price. Either remove that item from your shopping cart for a direct checkout or uncheck the item and click on the "Get Quote" button to receive a quote from our representatives within 1 business day.

  2. 2. How can I place an order if my payment information is not in your system?

    Simply select the "I would like to submit now and provide payment information later" button to place your order. Once you have your payment information, submit it in your account under "Order Details".

  3. 3. How can I use my coupon?

    First, drag your desired coupon from the page containing the coupon (i.e. services/products introduction webpage, sale webpage, campaign landing page, etc.) into your account. Then, let our shopping cart automatically implement the best offer to your order. If you prefer not to use the automatic coupon, unselect it and choose the coupon you would like to use.

  4. 4. Can I select a shipping option?

    We offer two shipping options: multiple and single. Multiple shipment involves shipping your items separately as they get ready. However, this options is associated with multiple costs (i.e. shipping fee, customs clearance fee, etc.). With single shipment, you will receive all your ordered items at once with just one shipping cost.

How to Receive a Quote or Place an Order
with GenScript Shopping Cart

Information & Technical Support

We are here to make your research easy. So feel free to contact us at " order@genscript.com" to learn more about how you can receive a quote or place an order.