Immuno-oncology (cancer immunotherapy), describes the process of utilizing the patient's own immune system to fight cancer. In the last decade, immuno-oncology has emerged as an exciting new approach to cancer treatment because of its specificity, adaptability and durability. One of the key areas within this field is a new class of proteins called immune checkpoints, such as PD-1 and CTLA-4 among others, which could enable cancer cells to hide from the immune system by modulating T cell signaling. Immune-checkpoints are being studied extensively as a new type of targets for cancer immunotherapy.

GenScript provides the One-Stop Platform to accelerate your immuno-oncology research, including numerous neutralizing immune checkpoint antibodies and anti-idiotypes (IDs), stable cell lines expressing immuno-oncology proteins at high levels, a wide range of purified recombinant proteins involved in immuno-signaling pathways, together with assay platforms for drug discovery and development.

Immune Checkpoint Antibodies

GenScript provides multifunctional immune checkpoint antibody products to facilitate your immunotherapy research.

Immuno-Oncology Recombination Proteins

The high-quality Immune Checkpoint Proteins in GenScript can support many kinds of researches in immune-oncology field.

Stable Cell Lines for Immuno-Oncology Research (CellPower™)

Both immune checkpoints and oncogene expressed stable cell lines are supplied;

ADCC & CDC assays

By implementing strict QC standards, GenScript provides the assurance of the efficacy and potency profiles of your therapeutic antibodies.

Anti-idiotype Antibodies

Support PK and immunogenicity study of biosimilars.



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