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High Affinity Ni-Charged Resin

Description GenScript High Affinity Ni-Charged Resin is an 4% cross-linked agarose medium covalently coupled to a chelating agent that binds Ni2+ by four coordination sites for high-affinity purification of polyhistidine-tagged recombinant proteins. High Affinity Ni-Charged Resin has low Ni2+ leakage, high protein-binding capacity and stability, and is compatible with a wide range of additives used in protein purification. This makes High Affinity Ni-Charged Resin the excellent choice for high performance purification of polyhistidine-tagged proteins. 
Key Features Characteristics of High Affinity Ni-Charged Resin
Matrix spherica4% cross-linked agarose
Average particle size90 μm (45-165 μm)
Dynamic binding capacity≥20 mg of 6xHis-tagged protein (27 kDa) /ml settled resin
Storage solution1X PBS containing 20% ethanol 

Reagents Compatible with High Affinity Ni-Charged Resin
DenaturantsDetergents Reducing agents Salts Others 
6 M Gu·HCl2% Triton X-10020 mM β-ME4 M MgCl250% glycerol
8 M Urea2% Tween 201 mM DTT5 mM CaCl220% ethanol
——1% CHAPS ——2 M NaCl1 mM EDTA
Product Information
Cat. No.Product NameVolume suppliedResin content
L00223-10High Affinity Ni-Charged Resin(10 ml)20 ml50% slurry
L00223-25High Affinity Ni-Charged Resin(25 ml)50 ml50% slurry
High Affinity Ni-Charged Resin(500 ml)1000 ml50% slurry

Storage 2-8 °C; DO NOT FREEZE
Note High temperature heating is not recommended. The agarose melts above 65°C.

1. Purification of polyhistidine-tagged proteins under native conditions.
2. Purification of polyhistidine-tagged proteins from E. coli under denaturing conditions.

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Cat. No. L00223
Size Price
10 ml $80.00
25 ml $168.00
500 ml $2480.00