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Catalog Products » Protein Analysis & Purification » Protein Detection and Immunoassay » ONE-HOUR WesternTM Advanced Kit (Rabbit)

ONE-HOUR Western™ Advanced Kit (Rabbit)

*This product has been discontinued!*
Kit Description:

GenScript's ONE-HOUR WesternTM Kit yields journal-quality Western or Dot blot results in about one hour. Using GenScript's breakthrough immunodetection technology (patent pending), the kit replaces the classical three-step Western process, which can take nearly five hours. Transfer the proteins from gel to membrane and incubate it in the pretreat solution for five minutes. Then incubate in WB-2 solution with the mixture of primary antibody and WB-1 solution for 40 minutes. Then wash three times for five or ten minutes each. The membrane can then be developed with the HRP substrate. The ONE-HOUR WesternTM procedure is contrasted with a classical three-step Western at right.

The ONE-HOUR WesternTM Kit is designed to produce high signal with low background for quick and clear Western analysis of proteins.

Except for basic kits, all other kits contain all the necessary reagents, buffers and materials such as membrane for performing a Western blot, and no additional secondary antibody is needed.

The ONE-HOUR WesternTM Kit saves precious research time. For added cost-efficiency, we recommend our complete kits, which contain all the reagents, membrane, HRP substrate necessary for a perfect blot. However, the kit components are also sold separately.
Overview of ONE-HOUR Adcanced Western<sup>TM</sup> Procedure

Key Features
Key Features:
  • Easy to perform: This kit has fewer and simpler steps than other Western kits.
  • Low background: The kit contains WestClearTM Nitrocellulose Membrane and LumiSensorTM series of Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate Kits optimized for low background.
  • Reproducible results: The kit produces highly reproducible results.
  • No additional secondary antibody is needed.


Store WestClearTM Nitrocellulose Membrane at room temperature. Store the rest of the kit at 4°C. It will remain stable for 2 years. Do not freeze the kit or any of its components.

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