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Western Quick Block Kit

*This product has been discontinued!*

Kit Description:

GenScript Western Quick Block Kit and Western Quick Block Optimization Kit are for quick blocking of any membranes used for Dot blot and Western blot. It can also be used for quick blocking of any solid surface such as microtiter plates used for ELISA. Instead of classical one-hour blocking of the solid surface with 5–10% dry milk, this kit enables the complete blocking of the solid surface in just 5 minutes. Furthermore, Western Quick Block Kit significantly increases the Western detection sensitivity compared with dry milk blocking. And less amount of antibodies can be used to reach the same antigen detection level as using classical blocking method.

In some cases, due to the sequence similarity between an antigen and the blocking reagents, background from Western blot (also, Dot blot and ELISA) will be so high that the antigen cannot be detected clearly. To solve this problem, GenScript also introduced the Western Quick Block Optimization Kits. With four different proprietary Western quick blot reagents provided in each kit, researchers can quickly find the best blocking reagents for any primary antibody in very short time.

The Western Quick Block Kit and Western Quick Block Optimization Kits are compatible with GenScript LumiSensorTM Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate Kit (L00221V60), LumiSensorTM Plus Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate Kit (L00225), and ChromoSensorTM One Solution TMB Substrate (L00222V60).
Key Features

Key Features:

  • Quick blocking: The Western quick block system takes only five minutes.
  • Quick optimization: finding the best blocking reagents in few hours instead of a few days.
  • Easy to perform: simple and quick procedure for blocking.
  • Sensitive: The Western quick block makes your Western detection more sensitive.

Storage Store the kit at 4°C (stable for 12 months).

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