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Ni-charged MagBeads

Description The GenScript Ni-Charged MagBeads are developed for quick and efficient small-scale purification of polyhistidine-tagged proteins under native or denaturing conditions.
The GenScript Ni-Charged MagBeads are average 40 μm in size, superparamagnetic beads with strong metal-chelating agent covalently bound to their surfaces. They are pre-charged with nickel and ready to use for quick and small-scale purification of polyhistidine-tagged proteins. The beads are supplied as 25% slurry in phosphate buffered saline (PBS), pH 7.4, containing 20% ethanol. The Ni-Charged MagBeads have a binding capacity of 40 mg 6xHis-tagged protein per 1 ml settled beads (e.g. 4 ml 25% slurry).

Product Details
Cat. No.Product Name Volume supplied MagBeads content
L00295Ni-charged MagBeads8 ml25% slurry
Key Features
Key Features
  • Quick and convenient separation accomplished by magnetic force
  • High binding capacity with 40 mg of 6xHis-tagged protein/ml settled beads
  • Compatible with various reagents needed in the purification process (see table 1)
  • Can be regenerated for multiple uses
  • Extremely low nonspecific binding

Table 1 Reagents Compatible with Ni-charged Magnetic Beads

Denaturants Detergents Reducing agents Salts Others
6 M Gu•HCl 2% Triton X-100 20 mM β-ME 4 M MgCl2 50% glycerol
8 M Urea 2% Tween 20 1 mM DTT 5 mM CaCl2 20% ethanol
1% CHAPS 2 M NaCl 1 mM EDTA
Store at 4℃, do NOT freeze.

Storage Store at 4°C

  • Ni-charged MagBeads
  • Ni-charged MagBeads

Cat. No. Product Name Quantity Price
AmMag™ MR-mini magnetic rack - 1 pcs/unit
AmMag™ MR magnetic rack - 1 pcs/unit
AmMag™ Box - 1 kit
AmMag™ Ni Magnetic beads - 4 ml (1 ml Settled Beads)
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Cat. No. L00295
Size Price
8 ml (2 ml Settled Beads) $98.00