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High-Affinity Iodoacetyl Resin

Description GenScript High-Affinity Iodoacetyl Resin is produced by covalently coupling a derivative of iodoacetic acid to 4% cross-linked agarose beads. It is designed for easy and fast immobilization of sulfhydryl-containing peptides, proteins and other ligands. The resin reacts specifically with free sulfhydryls to form stable thioether linkage. The resin is ideal for conjugating sulfhydryl-containing peptide or protein for subsequent affinity purification. 1 ml settled resin can be coupled with more than 1 mg sulfhydryl-containing peptides of 7 amino-acids.
The High-Affinity Antibody Purification Kit contains High-Affinity Iodoacetyl Resin and all the necessary buffers needed for antibody purification.
Note: High temperature heating is not recommended. The agarose melts above 65°C.

Product Details
Cat. No.Product Name Volume supplied Resin content
L00403High-Affinity Iodoacetyl Resin (10 ml)20 ml50% slurry
Key Features
Key Features:
  • High stability: The resin is stable at a broad pH range from 5 to 10.
  • High binding capacity: More than 3 mg Goat IgG/ml resin.
  • Easy to use: The kit provides all the necessary buffers.

Binding Capacity More than 3 mg Goat IgG/ml resin.
Ligand The derivative of Iodoacetic acid
pH Stability pH 5 -10
Support Matrix 4% cross-linked agarose, spherical beads
Mean Particle Size 90 μm
Storage 2°C to 8°C
Shelf Life 18 months

Storage Store High-Affinity Iodoacetyl Resin in 1 M sodium chloride at 4°C in dark, do not freeze. Buffers should be stored at 4°C. All the other materials are stored at room temperature.

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Cat. No. L00403
Size Price
10 ml $150.00
200 ml $1450.00
500 ml $3225.00