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EZarose™ 4B

*This product has been discontinued!*

EZaroseTM 4B is a well-established agarose gel filtration base matrix and is frequently used for coupling affinity ligands. The matrix is not pre-activated and the user performs all coupling steps.

4% agarose gel filtration media.

Agarose gel filtration base matrix for coupling affinity ligands

Product Details

Cat. No.Product Name Volume supplied Resin content
L00462-500EZaroseᵀᴹ 4B 500 mL1 L50% slurry
L00462-5EZaroseᵀᴹ 4B 5 L10 L50% slurry
L00462-100EZaroseᵀᴹ 4B 100 mL200 ml50% slurry
L00462-10EZaroseᵀᴹ 4B 10 L20 L50% slurry
L00462-1EZaroseᵀᴹ 4B 1 L2 L50% slurry

20% ethanol at 4 to 30°C.

Key Features
Characteristics of EZaroseTM 4B
  • Average particle size: 90 µm
  • Particle size range: 45-165 µm
  • Bead structure: 4% agarose
  • pH stability:

    working range: 4-9

    cleaning-in-place: 4-9

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    Cat. No. L00462