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Protein A Resin FF

Description GenScript’s Protein A Resin FF is an affinity chromatography media designed for easy, one-step purification of classes, subclasses and fragments of immunoglobulins from biological fluids and from cell culture media. Protein A Resin FF can also be used for immunoprecipitation of proteins, protein complexes or antigens.The recombinant protein A ligand is coupled to 4% highly cross-linked agarose. The coupling is optimized to have a high binding capacity for immunoglobulins. The static binding capacity of Protein A Resin FF is greater than 40 mg human IgG/ ml settled resin. The dynamic binding capacity will vary depending on several factors such as target antibody, flow rate, etc. Table 1 lists the characteristics of Protein A Resin FF.

Protein A, a bacterial cell wall protein isolated from Staphylococcus aureus, binds to mammalian IgGs mainly at their Fc region. Native protein A has five IgG binding domains and many other domains with unknown functions. Recombinant protein A contains five high affinity IgG binding domains with other non-essential domains removed to reduce nonspecific binding. Since only the Fc region is involved in binding to recombinant protein A, the Fab region is available for binding antigens.

Cat. No.Product NameVolume suppliedResin content
L00464Protein A Resin FF (5ml)10 ml50% slurry
Key Features

    Ligand Recombinant Streptococcal protein A expressed in E. coli
    Number of IgG binding sites per ligand 5
    M.W. of ligand Approximately 34 kDa
    PI of ligand 5.17
    Degree of substitution Approximately 5 mg protein A/ml settled resin
    Static binding capacity > 40 mg human IgG/ml settled resin
    Matrix component Agarose, 4% highly cross-linked
    Average particle size 90 μm (45-165 μm)
    Storage solution 20% ethanol
    Storage conditions 2-8°C
    Shelf life 12 months when stored unopened

Storage Store at 2-8°C, do NOT freeze.

Store regenerated Protein A Resin FF in Binding/Wash Buffer containing 20% ethanol at 2°C to 8°C.Do not freeze.

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Cat. No. L00464
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