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GenCrispr sgRNA Synthesis Kit

*This product has been discontinued!*
GenCrispr sgRNA Synthesis Kit
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The GenCrispr sgRNA synthesis kit is designed to synthesize gRNAs in vitro.
In the bacterial CRISPR/Cas9 system, the Cas9 nuclease associates with two RNAs, the CRISPR RNA (crRNA) and the trans-activating crRNA (tracrRNA), to direct sequence-specific DNA cleavage. The gRNA (guide RNA) is a fusion of the natural crRNA and tracrRNA components. It contains an 18-20 base variable sequence that can be changed to target any DNA sequence that is adjacent to an NGG proto-spacer adjacent motif (PAM) on the 3’ end of the target sequence.
The GenCrispr sgRNA synthesis kit allows user to fuse their choice of 18-20 base target sequence within the gRNA DNA sequence provided, by PCR fusion. The kit also provides materials for in-vitro transcription of the generated gRNA DNA in order to generate gRNAs which can be directly used for in-vivo genome editing.

Key Features
Key Features:
The kit generates gRNAs of your choice with an upstream 5’ promoter
The gRNA DNA sequence may be cloned for propagation
Allows large scale screening of multiple gRNAs before transfection (with GenCrispr sgRNA Screening Kit)

Product Introduction
Storage Store all components at -20°C upon receipt.

The GenCrispr sgRNA synthesis kit is used to generate gRNA DNA template with a T7 promoter and synthesize gRNAs upon in-vitro transcription.


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