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GenBuilder™ Cloning Kit

The GenBuilder Cloning Kit enables seamless and one-step cloning of multiple DNA fragments into a linearized vector. The proprietary enzyme mix fuses together DNA fragments efficiently and precisely by recognizing 15-40 bp overlaps at the end of each fragment. The system allows cloning of DNA fragments into any linearized vector, requires no pre-existing recombination sites or helper sequences, and eliminates the need for a complicated restriction and ligation process. The GenBuilder Cloning kit is recommended for simultaneous cloning of up to five DNA fragments. For a greater number of fragments, or for assembling ssDNA oligos with dsDNA fragments, the GenBuilder Plus Cloning kit (L00744) is recommended. Learn More ...

Storage The unopened kit is stable for 12 months from the date of manufacturing if stored at -20 ᵒC.

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Cat. No. L00701
Size Price
10 reactions $136.00
50 reactions $415.00