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Catalog Products » Molecular Biology Reagents » PCR Cloning » GenBuilder™ DNA Assembly » GenBuilderTM Plus Cloning Kit

GenBuilder™ Plus Cloning Kit

Description The GenBuilder Plus Cloning Kit enables seamless and one-step cloning of multiple DNA fragments into a linearized vector. The proprietary enzyme mix fuses together DNA fragments efficiently and precisely by recognizing 15-40 bp overlaps at the end of each fragment. The system allows cloning of DNA fragments into any linearized vector, requires no pre-existing recombination sites or helper sequences, and eliminates the need for a complicated restriction and ligation process. The GenBuilder Plus Cloning kit can simultaneously clone 12 DNA fragments into a linearized vector. The kit can also be used to assemble single stranded DNA (ssDNA) oligos with double stranded DNA (dsDNA) fragments, and using ssDNA as a linker to fuse together two adjacent dsDNA fragments.Learn More ...

Storage The unopened kit is stable for 12 months if stored at -20 °C.

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Cat. No. L00744
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