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GenSpark Points Program, a rewards system designed to enhance your experience with GenScript, shows our appreciation for your continued support. From gift cards to discounts, premium bioinformatics tools, early access to the latest scientific resources, and personalized recommendations based on your scientific interests. Earn points with every purchase and participation in GenScript's events. Join now and celebrate your scientific breakthrough with us!

Earn Points

Earn points through your purchases, referrals, and participation in our activities.

Track Progress

Monitor your point balance and redemption opportunities through your Account Center.

Redeem Rewards

Redeem your points for exclusive coupons, e-gift cards, and advanced bioinformatic tools.

Discover Your Benefits

Make every moment in the lab as sparkling as your scientific findings.

Exclusive Coupons

Enjoy special discounts and benefits reserved for our valued members. Save more and do more with GenScript.

E-Gift Cards

Thousands of top global brands redeemable as GenSpark e-gift cards to shop with Amazon, Zalando, McDonald's, and more. Unlock rewards to celebrate your every success.

Bioinformatic Tools

Accelerate your research with our advanced tools: Codon Optimization, gRNA Design, Primer Design, Peptide Library Design, and more.

Learning Resources

Fuel your innovation with our technical resources. Stay ahead with access to the latest e-books, expert insights, research digest, and case studies to keep you at the forefront of your field.

Branded Gifts

Show Your Science Pride! Exclusive GenScript collection of branded merchandise is the perfect way to display your dedication to science, both in the lab and beyond.

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Every interaction counts! Earn points from purchases and event participations.

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Redeem your points and enjoy discounts, branded merchandise, and scientific resources.

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As a special incentive for getting started, you'll earn exclusive points for completing tasks.

Registration Bonus

Earn 1,000 points by registering an account.

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Program Exploration

Complete the GenSpark program tour to earn 200 points.

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Profile Setting

Complete your profile setting with industry details and interests to earn 1,000 points.

+1,000 Points

First Purchase

Make your first purchase within the first month of joining the program to earn 1,000 points.

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Knowledge Battles

Quizzes on GenScript service knowledge and GenSpark’s offerings. Correct answers fetch 300 points.

+300 Points

Social Share

Share our loyalty program link on social media platforms to earn 300 points.

+300 Points

Service and Products

Accumulate points with every purchase from GenScript. All members earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Earn an additional 20% points on your online orders, up to a maximum of 2,000 points.

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Scholar Club

Boost Your Impact! Earn up to 3,000 points by citing GenScript in your publications and sharing them on social media.

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Referral Program

Share the Spark! Refer your peers to GenScript and receive 1,000 points after their first purchase

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GenScript Activities

Engage and Network! Earn 300 points by participating in our webinars and trade shows to meet fellow scientists and industry leaders.

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Dive into our latest scientific resource. Successfully answer follow-up questions to rack up points!


  • You can participate in the program by creating an account on GenScript.com. Once you've signed up, you'll be automatically enrolled in the GenSpark Points Program.

  • You can earn points through various ways:

    1. Placing orders: 1 USD equals 1 Point.

    • Online Order: Additional 20% bonus points for online orders. * The maximum bonus points are 2,000/ Online Order.
    • First Order: Additional 1,000 bonus points for the first order.

    2. Engaging in activities:

    • Account Registration: Members can earn 1,000 Points upon successful registration. Register Now >
    • Account Profile Completion: Members can earn a one-time bonus of 1,000 Points for completing their account profile. Complete and Earn >
    • Website Engagement: Members can earn 200 points after completing GenSpark program guide.
    • Knowledge Battle: Members can earn points upon successfully completing the GenScript knowledge quiz. There is no restriction on the number of times one can respond. Upon providing all correct answers, 300 Points can be earned, and this reward is limited to a one-time issuance.
    • Social Media Sharing: Members who share the GenSpark Points Program Link on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, or X) can earn 300 Points.
    • Public Citation: Members who cite GenScript in a published research article that utilizes GenScript’s products and/or services can earn 1,000 Points. Members who share it on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, or X) with the “@GenScript” tag can earn 2,000 Points. Share your Research >
    • Customer Referral: Members who refer customers to place their first order can earn 1,000 Points.
    • Webinar participation reward: Members who participate in a webinar can earn 300 Points.
    • Tradeshow participation reward: Members participating in a tradeshow can earn 300 Points.
  • Points accrued under the former EZcoupon program shall be transferred to the eligible participants' GenSpark Points Program accounts. The validity period of EZcoupon points expiring between June 27, 2024 and June 27, 2025, will be extended for 365 days.

  • Yes. Points accrued through the GenSpark Points Program will expire 365 days after they are earned. The validity period is not extendable.

  • Rewards include exclusive coupons, global digital gift cards, advanced bioinformatics tools, and technical resources. The more points you earn, the bigger and better the rewards get! Explore All Rewards >

  • Members can redeem points by following the steps below:

    • Step 1: Log in to your account in Account Center.
    • Step 2: Pick your desired rewards from Coupons, Branded Merchandise, E-Gift Cards and Bioinformatic Tools.
    • Step 3: Click the "Redeem" Button to confirm your redemption.
    • Your points history and status can be viewed anytime by logging into your account on the GenScript Account Center.
    • Points from purchases will be credited after payment completion.

Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions about the GenSpark Points Program, please email us at [email protected]

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