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Description Streptavidin is a protein that has similar binding properties to avidin. It is isolated from streptomyces avidinii. Streptavidin has a molecular weight of 60 KD and has 4 subunits. Each subunit can bind one molecule of biotin. Biotin is a 244 da water soluble vitamin. Streptavidin has an extremely high binding affinity (Kd=10 - 15 ) for biotin.
Streptavidin - HRP (M00091) is a HRP conjugated streptavidin and can be used for analysis of biotinylated molecules.

Concentration 1 mg/ml in PBS (pH 7.4) containing 10 mg/ml BSA and 0.01% thimerosal
Storage The reagent may be stored at 4°C for short periods of one month or less. For longer periods,aliquot and store at -20°C . Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. If slight precipitation occurs upon prolonged storage, clarify the solution by centrifugation before use.

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