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PAGE-MASTER Protein Standard (for SDS-PAGE)

Description PAGE-MASTER Protein Standard (for SDS-PAGE) is a protein standard specially designed by GenScript. It consists of seven bands with molecular weight of 10 kD, 20 kD, 30 kD, 40 kD, 60 kD, 80 kD and 120 kD. All bands are highly purified, thus exhibit excellent performance in SDS-PAGE gels.

This PAGE-MASTER protein standard is UNSTAINED. Stain the gel to visualize the protein ladders after electrophoresis.
Volume Load 5 µl per well for a mini-gel

Calculation The apparent molecular weights of its seven protein bands are 10kD, 20kD, 30kD, 40kD, 60kD, 80kD and 120kD.
Storage This product is stable at -20 °C for 12 months.
Note 1. Non-BSA based blocking reagents (such as 5% skimmed milk) are recommended for blocking.
2. For best results, the loading volume of the marker should be optimized for different experiment conditions (from 2.5 µl to 10 µl).
3. This marker binds to the constant region of IgG, so protein A or protein G fluorephore conjugates cannot be used as the secondary antibody.

  • PAGE-MASTER Protein Standard (for SDS-PAGE)
  • PAGE-MASTER Protein Standard (for SDS-PAGE)

    Separated on 4-20% SDS-PAGE and Coomassie blue R-250 stained

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