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CHO-K1/OX40 Stable Cell Line

Synonyms OX40
Description OX40 (CD134) is a member of the TNFR/TNF superfamily. Costimulatory signals from OX40 to a conventional T cell promotes division and survival, augmenting the clonal expansion of effector and memory populations as they are being generated to antigens. OX40 additionally suppresses the differentiation and activity of Treg, further amplifying this process.
Species human
Culture Medium F12K, 10% FBS, 200 μg/ml Hygromycin B
Freeze Medium 95% complete growth medium, 5% DMSO

Stability 15 passages
Storage Liquid nitrogen immediately upon receiving

Binding assays or use as immunogen

  • CHO-K1/OX40 Stable Cell Line
  • CHO-K1/OX40 Stable Cell Line

    FACS analysis of OX40 expression in CHO-K1 cells.

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