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CHO-K1/ACE2 Stable Cell Line

Synonyms Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2; ACEH
Description Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), discovered as a homologue of ACE, acts as its physiological counterbalance providing homeostatic regulation of circulating angiotensin II (Ang II) levels. ACE2 is a zinc metalloenzyme and carboxypeptidase located as an ectoenzyme on the surface of endothelial and other cells. While its primary substrate appears to be Ang II, it can hydrolyze a number of other physiological substrates. Additionally, ACE2 functions in other noncatalytic cellular roles including the regulation of intestinal neutral amino acid transport. It also serendipitously acts as the receptor for the severe acute respiratory syndrome virus. Upregulation of ACE2 expression and function is increasingly recognized as a potential therapeutic strategy in hypertension and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lung injury, and fibrotic disorders. ACE2 is regulated at multiple levels including transcriptional, posttranscriptional (miRNA and epigenetic), and posttranslational through its shedding from the cell surface.
Species Human
Culture Medium F12K, 10% FBS, 250μg/ml Hygromycin
Freeze Medium 95% Culture Medium, 5% (V/V) DMSO
QC Mycoplasma negative
Key Features
  • Single clone
  • Validated for stable hACE2 expression and S protein RBD binding

Stability Stable expression of hACE2 for more than 15 passages
Storage Liquid nitrogen immediately upon receiving

Binding assay or use as immunogen.

  • CHO-K1/ACE2 Stable Cell Line
  • CHO-K1/ACE2 Stable Cell Line

    FACS analysis histogram shows ACE2 expression in CHO-K1/ACE2 stable cell line (Cat. No. M00771) compared with negative control. HEK293/ACE2 cells are plated at 3E5+ cells /well in 100ul PBS in 96-well plate, incubated with 10 µg/ml S-RBD-His (GenScript, Cat. No. Z03479) on ice for 1 hour, or left untreated. Both groups are then washed with PBS, incubated with Anti-His 2nd antibody (GenScript, Cat. No. A01800) at 1:200 on ice for 1 hour, washed with PBS, and then analyzed on flow cytometer. 

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Cat. No. M00771
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