Based on 20 years of molecular biology platform, GenScript provides DNA Oligo, RNA Oligo, high-throughput oligo pool, large-scale oligo, siRNA, and Trimer oligo synthesis services with superior quality and excellent service, as well as TaqMan probes and NGS adapters, hybridization captured probes, and multiplex PCR Oligo to support molecular diagnostic applications.

This new resource covers topics on

  • Oligo synthesis service introduction including technology platform and facility capacity.
  • Different types of oligo synthesis services that we provide.
  • Oligo for molecular diagnotics.
  • Useful tools and guidelines in ordering oligo synthesis service.
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Popular Oligo Services

Custom DNA oligo

Substantial purity with low truncated sequences. Each oligo is meticulously monitored during synthesis and controlled according to GenScript's stringent quality assurance and quality control standards.

Custom RNA Oligo

High-quality and cost-effective custom RNA oligos with flexible synthesis scales to meet researchers' different needs.

Oligo Pools

Precise design and synthesis of thousands of user-defined sequences simultaneously on a coverslip-sized chip, providing you with an affordable, customized oligo pool.

NGS Target Enrichment

Comprehensive and rich experience molecular biology service and product platform to generate various of solutions in target enrichment for our customers.

qPCR Probes and oligo Primers

Customized qPCR probes and oligo primers with application-based QC standards to support your qPCR experiments.

SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR Primers and Probes

Synthesis service for RT-qPCR primers and probes of the sequences recommended by WHO and CDC.



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