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OVA Peptide (257-264)

Description This is a class I (Kb)-restricted peptide epitope of OVA, an octameric peptide from ovalbumin presented by the class I MHC molecule, H-2Kb.
Sequence Shortening SIINFEKL
Molecular Formula C45H74N10O13
Molecular Weight 963.13

Purity 95%
Solubility The peptide was water soluble on vortexing. May be dissolved in any buffer of pH <6.
Storage Store at -20°C.

  • OVA Peptide (257-264)
  • OVA Peptide (257-264)

Cat. No. Product Name Quantity Price
OVA Peptide (323-339) - 5 mg
OVA Peptide (323-339) - 1 mg
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Cat. No. RP10611
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1 mg $62.00