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Small Cardioactive Peptide B (SCPB)

Description SCPB (small cardioactive peptide B) is an insect neuropeptides, the sequence of which was found in the accessory radula closer muscle, a muscle involved in biting movements. The ganglia and nerves that innervate the accessory radula closer muscle also contain SCPB. At nanomolar concentrations, SCPB enhances the contractions of this muscle. The effect of SCPB on the muscle resembles the effect of an identified serotonergic neuron that has been shown to mediate behavioral effects that reflect a food arousal state in Aplysia. Like serotonin, SCPB enhances contractions by a postsynaptic action, which appears to involve an increase in cAMP levels in the muscle.
Cas No 84746-43-0
Sequence Shortening MNYLAFPRM-NH2
Molecular Formula C52H80N14O11S2
C Terminal NH2
Molecular Weight 1141.4

Purity > 95%
Solubility The peptide is soluble in water. The contents of this vial have been accurately determined. Both the stopper and the vial have been siliconized. Do not attempt to weigh out a smaller portion of the contents.
Gmp Flag 0
Storage Before use, store the peptide in the DRY form at 0°C - 5°C. For best and most repeatable results, rehydrate the peptide immediately before use. Do not re-freeze any unused portions.

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Cat. No. RP10717
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