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Catalog Products » Adrenomedullin (AM) (1-52), human

Adrenomedullin (AM) (1-52), human

Cas No 148498-78-6
Molecular Formula C264H406N80O77S3
C Terminal NH2
Disulfide Bridge Disulfide bridge: Cys16-Cys21
Molecular Weight 6028.9

Purity > 95%
Format Bridge 16-21
Solubility The peptide is soluble in water. The contents of this vial have been accurately determined. Both the stopper and the vial have been siliconized. Do not attempt to weight out a smaller portion of the contents.
Gmp Flag 0
Storage Before use, store the peptide in the DRY form at 0-5°C. For best and most repeatable results, rehydrate the peptide immediately before use. Do not re-freeze any unused portions.
Note The peptide elicits a potent and long lasting hypotensive effect. Adrenomedullin (1-52), as supplied is intended for research use only, Do not use it to diagnose or treat any disease.

Cat. No. Product Name Quantity Price
Adrenomedullin (AM) (22-52), human - 0.5 mg
Adrenomedullin (AM) (13-52), human - 0.5 mg -

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Cat. No. RP11288
Size Price
0.5 mg $261.00