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Description Z-FR-AMC is a substrate for serine proteases, including cathepsins, kallikrein and plasmin.
Absorption/emission of substrate = 330/390 nm (weak fluorescence); absorption/emission of end product (AMC) = 342/441 nm (strong fluorescence).
Off-white solid soluble in DMSO.
Sequence Shortening Z-FR-AMC
Molecular Formula C33H36N6O6
N Terminal Z
Molecular Weight 612.6

Purity > 95%
Gmp Flag 0
Anaspec Cat No Z-Phe-Arg-AMC
Storage Store at -20°C and protect form light

  • N-Cbz-Phe-Arg-AMC
  • N-Cbz-Phe-Arg-AMC

Langerholc T, et al. Inhibitory properties of cystatin F and its localization in U937 promonocyte cells. FEBS. J. Mar 2005; 272(6): 1535-1545.

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Cat. No. RP11385
10 mg $76.00