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Calmodulin Binding Peptide 1

Description Removing endogenously bound CaM by titration with a high affinity (pM) CaM-binding peptide derived from smooth muscle myosin light-chain kinase (MLCK peptide) strongly inhibited IP3-induced Ca2+ release. This inhibition was concentration- and time-dependent.
Molecular Formula C231H373N69O70S2
Molecular Weight 5301.01

Purity > 95%
Gmp Flag 0
Storage Store at -20°C. Keep tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place.

  • Calmodulin Binding Peptide 1
  • Calmodulin Binding Peptide 1

N. Dephoure., et al. Hyperplexing: a method for higher-order multiplexed quantitative proteomics provides a map of the dynamic response to rapamycin in yeast. Sci Signal. 2012 Mar;5(217):2.

GonzÁlez-Andrade M., et al. Importance of the interaction protein-protein of the CaM-PDE1A and CaM-MLCK complexes in the development of new anti‐CaM drugs. J Mol Recognit. 2013 Apr;26(4):165-74.

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