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Synonyms Integrilin
Description Eptifibatide is a cyclic heptapeptide containing six amino acids and one mercaptopropionyl (des-amino cysteinyl) residue. An interchain disulfide bridge is formed between the cysteine amide and the mercaptopropionyl moieties. Chemically it is N6 -(aminoiminomethyl)-N2 -(3-mercapto-1-oxopropyl-L- lysylglycyl-L-a-aspartyl- L-tryptophyl-L -prolyl-L-cysteinamide, cyclic (1Ø6)-disulfide. Eptifibatide binds to the platelet receptor glycoprotein (GP) IIb/IIIa of human platelets and inhibits platelet aggregation.
Cas No 188627-80-7
Molecular Formula C35H19N11O9S2
C Terminal NH2
Disulfide Bridge Mpa1-Cys7
Molecular Weight 831.96

Purity > 95%
Format Bridge Map1-Cys7
Storage Store at -20°C. Keep tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place.

  • Eptifibatide
  • Eptifibatide

Gurbel PA, Bliden KP et al. Clopidogrel loading with eptifibatide to arrest the reactivity of platelets: results of the Clopidogrel Loading With Eptifibatide to Arrest the Reactivity of Platelets (CLEAR PLATELETS) study. Circulation. Mar 2005;111(9):1153-9.

Coons JC, Barcelona RA et al. Eptifibatide-associated acute, profound thrombocytopenia. Ann Pharmacother. Feb 2005;39(2):368-72.

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Cat. No. RP17308
10 mg $165.00