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Description This peptide is a TRP-tyrosinase-related protein. Its immunization results in effective induction of antitumor immunity. Key Diseases for which peptide SVYDFFVWL is Melanoma, Neoplasms(cancer),Glioma. Drugs related to peptide SVYDFFVWL include mRNA, Liposomes, DNA, Atigens, Epitopes.
Sequence Shortening SVYDFFVWL
Molecular Formula C61H78N10O14
Molecular Weight 1175.34

Storage Store at -20°C.

Banz A., et al. Tumor growth control using red blood cells as the antigen delivery system and poly (I: C). J Immunother. 2012 Jun;35(5):409-17.

Marshall NA., et al. Immunotherapy with PI3K inhibitor and Toll-like receptor agonist induces IFN-γ+IL-17+ polyfunctional T cells that mediate rejection of murine tumors. Cancer Res. 2012 Feb;72(3):581-

Cancer Immunol Immunother 2005 May;54(5):446-52

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Cat. No. RP20250
Size Price
1 mg $52.00