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CLIP (86-100)

Description This is amino acids 86 to 100 fragment of class II-associated invariant chain peptide called CLIP. The major histocompatibility complex class II molecule displays peptide fragments of foreign proteins to trigger a defensive reaction from the immune system. Before insertion of the foreign peptides into the binding groove, a place-holding peptide CLIP is removed. This is accomplished by the molecule DM, which is shown to increase the dissociation rate of a CLIP peptide from class II.
Sequence Shortening PVSKMRMATPLLMQA
Molecular Formula C72H128N20O19S3
Molecular Weight 1674.1

Gmp Flag 0

Chen S., et al. Structure-Based Design of Altered MHC Class II–Restricted Peptide Ligands with Heterogeneous Immunogenicity. J Immunol. 2013 Nov;191(10):5097-106.

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Cat. No. RP20279
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