Proteins are indispensable reagents that are used in a wide variety of applications, including as diagnostic tools, vaccines, therapeutics and enzymes. Knowledge of the properties and functions of proteins is crucial to our understanding of chemical and biological processes. In this context, purified proteins are a starting point for biophysical and biochemical characterization of proteins since they can assist in functional elucidation. Challenges in protein production and purification have led to the development of diverse expression systems, technologies and tools to make the job easier. GenScript offers a host of services and products that will streamline protein expression and characterization, will improve our understanding of proteins and will enhance exploration of new frontiers in protein biology.

Gene Synthesis

Perfect proteins come from perfect genes. Get 100% sequence accurate genes with GenScript gene synthesis services.

Mammalian Protein Expression

Mammalian transient and stable expression services deliver high quality proteins and recombinant antibodies (rAbs) from microgram to gram quantities.

Codon Optimization

Increase probability of soluble protein expression with our advanced, patented and completely free codon optimization algorithm.


Protein-coding, expression-ready genes. Eliminate the hassle of traditional cloning.

Bacterial Protein Expression

High level expression platform for proteins or protein subunits (antigens) that don't require post-translational modification.

Insect Expression

A versatile eukaryotic protein expression system for high quality protein production. Especially suitable for large proteins and kinases.

Yeast Expression

A cost-effective approach for high quality eukaryotic protein production.

Protein Characterization

Comprehensive protein characterization services ensure the quality and integrity of every protein batch that exits GenScript facility.

Protein Products

GenScript offers a broad spectrum of pre-made recombinant proteins and protein products, including protein expression vectors, protein isolation and purification resins and magnetic beads, gels, protein markers and more.

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