Pushing Beyond Limits:
A PhD Returnee's Transition into a Sales Career

After completing eight years of doctoral and postdoctoral programs in Europe, Carlos wanted to return to China to start his career. A job description took him to GenScript as a project manager, which was a technical role. In his first two years, occasionally he interacted with customers over the phone and resolved technical issues for customers. With growing interest in customer interactions, he considered transitioning into a sales career.


After two years with GenScript, Carlos decided to move to sales. "Two years later, I grew confidence in myself, and by chance, I joined the Asia-Pacific sales team. In the sales role, I cannot solely rely on technical expertise, but have to push my boundaries," said Carlos.

Carlos said his belief drove his transition. He said, "I want to push beyond my limits, which supported my decision to join GenScript." Due to his expertise in the Company's business lines and enhanced commercial competency, Carlos made a smooth transition. "At first, I was quite stressed about sales tasks, but 'in for a penny, in for a pound', so I had to pull them off."

Challenging as it is, sales can bring value to customers through our products and services, which "delighted" Carlos. GenScript gives Carlos the opportunity to hone his skills and accumulated experience. "That experience help me build confidence. I wouldn't be who I am now if I had not worked at GenScript. Here I explored my potential and pushed my boundaries."

In a business negotiation, after Carlos gave a presentation, the customer asked him to share his project experience. Then Carlos walked the customer through his doctoral and postdoctoral projects. He realized that his technical background could be "a winning card" to help close the deal by offering a value-adding solution.

For Carlos, business promotion can be pushy or "helpful for customers to resolve issues with technical expertise, winning customer trust in return". Carlos's eight years of doctoral and postdoctoral project experience significantly facilitated his business development activities. For projects that were new to the customer, they would invite Carlos to give a presentation. "I would also share information on provincial talent programs that the customer had not applied for."

A considerable part of GenScript's customers are scientists who are down-to-earth. They can understand the Company's technology and services and perceive value beyond products and services, for example, a sale representative's ability to resolve issues. Carlos believes that sales are a process of resource exchange and win-win collaboration.

Not included in the vendor list, GenScript could not get orders from a key account. To win the key account, Carlos presented GenScript's products, services and value, and resolved issues they could not handle, which spanned about eight to nine months.

"Although the customer was not able to place orders with us, I would pool internal and external resources to help them complete projects. Over time, we gained trust from the customer and got on their vendor list. As a result, the customer collaborated with GenScript in several business lines and fields."

Carlos never gives up at work. "You never know how your work turns out in the end. Only by keeping trying and fighting can you get what you want," said Carlos. To win a deal, Carlos used to work with a customer for one year. "As long as the customer has not signed a contract with others, I still have an opportunity and I would do everything I can to get the order," he explained.


Carlos's transition from a biology doc and postdoc in Europe to Project Manager at GenScript to sales to BD Director is a journey of pushing beyond his limits. "In fact, I had aspired to be a professor, and I'm still publishing papers. But that academic dream is gone. It might be a pity, but I feel fulfilled without regrets in terms of self-worth," said Carlos.

He added, "GenScript offers an ideal platform for me to explore my potential. Its open mechanisms are also impressive. Due to my transition, I have uncovered more abilities and improved my overall competency. At GenScript, those who contribute more will get more rewards. High-performing colleagues around me are not only highly competent, but more importantly, they have made great contributions to the Company."


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