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reagent reserve program

GenScript's Reagent Reserve Program

When a grant is about to expire, researchers often find that there are still thousands of dollars left in their grant account. Many labs hurry to purchase reagents in bulk and then store them for future use. This approach has significant drawbacks:

GenScript is pleased to offer a more practical solution that preserves the research power of your grant money and allows you to receive fresh, active reagents as needed for your future studies.

Key Features

Simply buy our Normal (USD500), Gold (USD5,000) or Silver (USD1,000) Reagent Reserve Voucher cards now. The cards will NEVER EXPIRE and can be used to pay for ANY of GenScript's popular services and products.

GenScript Gold Card
Gold Card
GenScript Silver Card
GenScript Normal Card
Normal Card

Quotations and Ordering

  Cat. No. Name Size Price (USD)
GenScript Reagent Reserve Gold Voucher
1 Piece
GenScript Reagent Reserve Silver Voucher
1 Piece
GenScript Reagent Reserve Voucher
1 Piece
GenScript Reagent Reserve Customized Voucher
1 Piece