Have you ever wondered about the environmental impact of livestock agriculture? Shockingly, it consumes vast resources:

  • 26% of global land is used for livestock grazing.
  • 33% of arable land goes to fodder and feed production.
  • Livestock consumes nearly 30% of global agricultural water.
  • Livestock contributes to 14.5% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

Cultured meat offers a sustainable, delicious, healthier, and cruelty-free alternative that's also eco-friendly. However, challenges remain, like sourcing cost-effective proteins and growth factors.

At GenScript, with over two decades of expertise in recombinant proteins, we're eager to collaborate with cultured meat pioneers. Together, we can overcome industry hurdles and shape the future of food!

* References:Meat and Animal Feed, Animal Agriculture Wastes One-Third of Drinkable Water.

Key Features

Kilogram Level

Consistent premium supply capability of
up to kilogram level per year.

Gram Level Availability


Bovine, salmon, and human species-specific
growth factors available.

Species-specific Availability

Food Grade

Food grade version is optionally available. Production process follows FSSC 22000 standard.

Food Grade Availability

High consistency
and stability

Standardized upstream and downstream process records, strict quality control, and systematic stability research ensure product consistency and stability.

High consistency and stability

* Ready for customization. We welcome collaborations to meet additional requirements, such as the development of other species or mutant growth factors.

Product List

GenScript’s featured list covers the most commonly used recombinant proteins and growth factors in the cultured meat industry, such as IGF, FGF, and PDGF. Contact Us for bulk pricing and evaluation samples.

Cannot find the proteins of your interest? Check out our full list of recombinant growth factors.

Have a custom request? We are open to collaborations to develop proteins from rare species, or meet additional project-specific requirements. Contact Us directly!

Featured List

Target Cat. No. Name Expression
IGF-I Z03688 IGF-I, BovineHot! E. coli
Z03790 IGF-I, Porcine E. coli
Z03726 IGF-I, Salmon E. coli
Z03017 IGF-I, Human E. coli
Z03177 LR3-IGF-I (Receptor Grade), Human E. coli
Z03781 LR3-IGF-I, Human (Yeast-expressed) Yeast
Z03792 LR3-IGF-I, Porcine E. coli
FGF-basic Z03230 FGF-basic, BovineHot! E. coli
Z03727 FGF-basic, Salmon E. coli
Z03166 FGF-basic (146aa), Human E. coli
Z03116 FGF-basic (154aa), Human E. coli
Z03754 Heat Stable FGF-basic, Human E.coli
Z03769 Heat Stable FGF-basic, Salmon E.coli
PDGF-BB Z03707 PDGF-BB, Human E. coli
Z03782 PDGF-BB, Human (Yeast-expressed) Yeast
Z03725 PDGF-BB, BovineHot! Yeast
Z03778 PDGF-BB, Porcine Yeast
Insulin Z03735 Insulin, BovineHot! Yeast
Transferrin Z03736 Transferrin, Bovine Fungi
rBSA Z03737 BSA, His, Bovine Yeast
FGF-acidic Z02921 FGF-acidic, Human E. coli
FGF-4 Z02984 FGF-4, Human E. coli
FGF-9 Z03033 FGF-9, Human E. coli
EGF Z00333 EGF, HumanHot! E. coli
Z03774 EGF, Human Yeast
Z03777 EGF, Porcine E. coli
Z03787 EGF, Chicken Yeast
TGF-β1 Z03411 TGF-β1, Human CHO
Z03779 TGF-β1, Bovine CHO
Z03791 TGF-β1, Porcine CHO
VEGF Z02689 VEGF165, Human Yeast
Z03073 VEGF165, Human (HEK 293-expressed) HEK 293
HGF Z03229 HGF, Human CHO
LIF Z02681 LIF, Human E. coli
NRG1-β2 Z02747 NRG-1β2, Human E. coli

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